MTG Best Unblockable Cards – 10 Unblockable Cards for ANY Deck

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MTG Best Unblockable Cards - 10 Unblockable Cards for ANY Deck

Unblockable cards allow you to slip past the enemy lines, regardless how well fortified they are, and deal damage directly to your foes! Read on to discover 10 of the very best unblockable cards in MTG.

Top 10 MTG Best Unblockable Cards

1. Invisible Stalker

Magic: The Gathering MTG - Invisible Stalker - Innistrad Uncommon

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Invisible Stalker is a blue Human Rogue creature card, of uncommon rarity. The card requires 1 colorless mana and 1 island to bring onto the battlefield, being one of the cheapest and most convenient Unblockable cards.

When Invisible Stalker enters the battlefield, the card gains Hexproof and is unblockable as well. Hexproof means it can’t be the target of abilities or spells that your opponent controls.  

2. Deepchannel Mentor

Magic The Gathering - Deepchannel Mentor - Shadowmoor

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Another blue Rogue card, one with a bit higher mana cost (5 colorless and 1 island), that is equally excellent as our first pick is Deepchannel Mentor. This uncommon Merfolk Rogue is a blue creature that grants other blue creatures you control the Unblockable ability.

That’s right. Deepchannel Mentor turns ALL your blue creatures into unblockable creatures. That means even though it can’t attack on its first turn out on the battlefield, all other blue creatures on the board can (without immunity to blocking from opponents).

3. Prowler’s Helm

Magic The Gathering - Prowler39;s Helm (219/249) - Theros

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Prowler’s Helm is an uncommon Artificat – Equiptment card that costs 2 colorless mana to cast. When brough out onto the battlefield, Prowler’s Helm grants a creature of your choice the Unblockable ability (except for against wall-type creatures).

Once on the battlefield, Prowler’s Helm cost an additional 2 colorless mana to equip it to your chosen creature card. You can also pay 2 colorless mana to switch it from one creature to another, as you choose. 

4. Distortion Strike

Magic The Gathering Distortion Strike

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Unblockable cards don’t come more affordable or convenient than Distortion Strike, a blue sorcery card with a super low casting cost of just 1 island. When Distortion Strike comes into play, a creature of your choices gains a boost of +1/+0 to power and defense until the end of the turn.

Of course, Distortion Strike also grants your target creature the Unblockable ability for the remainder of the turn as well. Further, Distortion Strike has Rebound. That means you can play it from exile, for no cost at all, during your next upkeep step! 

5. Whispersilk Cloak

Magic: the Gathering - Whispersilk Cloak - Magic 2011

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No list of the best unblockable cards would be complete with mentioning the Whispersilk Cloak. An Aftifact – Equiptment card, Whispersilk Cloak costs 3 colorless mana to bring into play and 2 more colorless mana to equip it. 

Whispersilk Cloak grants Shroud and Unblockable to whatever creature it is attached to. Shroud, like Hexproof, means that the card can’t be the targer of abilities of spells from other players. Even more, for 2 colorless mana you can switch Whispersilk Cloak to another creature at any time.

6. Rogue’s Passage

Magic: the Gathering - Rogue's Passage (245) - Return to Ravnica

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Rogue’s Passage is one must-have land if you want the best unblockable cards in your deck. The land provides 1 colorless mana by tapping. Even more impressively, for 4 colorless mana, you can tap Rogue’s Passage and grant a creature of your choosing Unblockable for the turn.

Being a land card, versus an enchantment, sorcery, or creature, Rogue’s Passage is a diverse card to have in your Unblockable deck as it is less prone to be effected by opponents spells or abilities. 

7. Lu Xun, Scholar General

MTG Magic: The Gathering - Lu Xun, Scholar General (49) Commander 2013 C13

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The Legendary Creature – Human Soldier, Lu Xun, Scholar General, is a rare Unblockable blue card. The general costs 2 colorless mana and 2 islands to hit the battlefield, and comes out with a 1/3 power and defense. 

Lu Xun, Scholar General may not be 100-percent Unblockable, but unless your opponents have Horsemen, they won’t be able to block him. In addition, whenever this Legendary Creature attacks, and deals damage, you get to draw a card!

8. Aether Tunnel

Magic: The Gathering - Aether Tunnel - Core Set 2019

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This uncommon blue card is an excellent example of why so many blue cards ended up on our list of the best uncommon cards in MTG. Aether Tunnel is affordable, effective, and may well turn the tide of the game, early on or later in the game.

For 1 colorless mana, and 1 island, Aether Tunnel enchants a creature and grants them a boost of +1/+0 to power and defense. It also, of course, gives the enchanted creature the Unblockable ability too. For such a low price, and seemingly simple purpose, this versatile card could easily be overlooked.

9. Protective Bubble

With a casting cost of 3 colorless mana and 1 island, this blue Enchantment – Aura bestows itself upon any target creature of your choice. The enchanted creature is Unblockable AND has shroud. 

Unlike instant and sorcery cards that are similar, Protective Bubble stays in play turn after turn unless somehow removed or destroyed by an opponent. Another huge benefit of this common blue card is that it can’t be effected be spells and abilities of other players.

10. Latch Seeker

Latch Seeker, one of the few straight-up creatures to make our list of the best Unblockable creatures is the uncommon Creature – Spirit, Latch Seeker. For a mana cost of 1 colorless and 2 islands, Latch Seeker comes into play as an Unblockable 3/1 blue Spirit Creature.

For a quick attack on round 3 or 4, Latch Seeker is perfect to start taking chunks of your opponents life away before they get situated for the long game. Also, Latch Seeker makes a great main monster if you have instants, enchantments, or sorceries to play.

Common Questions About Unblockable Cards in MTG

What Exactly Does Unblockable Mean in MTG?

Unblockable is an ability that creatures may have in MTG, the ability allows them to attack without being blocked from creatures that your opponents control and have available for blocking. There are also special types of Unbockable cards that can only be blocked by certain types of cards.

For example, some Horsemen cards can only be blocked by other Horsemen creature cards. Likewise, it takes a Ninja creature card to block a card with Ninjitsu abilities.

Can Hexproof Creatures Block Unblockable Creatures?

Creatures in MTG with the Hexproof ability can not be the target of spells or abilities your enemies control. That does not consider damage, or blocking, hence Hexproof creature cards are just as helpless to block Unblockable creatures as any standard creatures cards are.

Are Unblockable Creature Cards Worth it?

Unblockable creature cards are absolutely worth the investment and using in your MTG deck. Despite the mana cost, getting Unblockable creatures on the board strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies. Once on the battlefield, use your Unblockable creatures to whittle away at your opponents life, turn after turn.