Can Planeswalker Abilities Be Used As Instants

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Can Planeswalker abilities be used as Instants, or are they even counted as spells to begin with? Read on below and explore the in-depth answer!

Can Planeswalker Abilities Be Used As Instants

Can Planeswalker Abilities be Used as Instants?

Planeswalker abilities are not spells, therefore they can not be used as Instants(which are spells). The abilities of Planeswalkers are loyalty counter-activated abilities and are only treated as such.

That said, some Planeswalker abilities are able to be activated in a similar fashion to Instant spells. These particular abilities work and feel like Instants, but they are not counted as such.

That means that Planeswalker abilities can not be targeted by other spells and abilities that target spells or instants.

Example Card: Crypt Incursion

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The above card, Crypt Incursion is a black Instant spell, with a casting cost of 3 mana. It exiles all creatures from a graveyard and allows you to gain 3 life for each of the creatures exiled by the spell.

As you can see, on the type line, in the middle of the card, it says “Instant”.  This is the official card type for these spells. Instants may be played any time, even on the opponent’s turn. They are the only spells which you are allowed to play at such times.

Planeswalker’s abilities are not Instants, though they do work similarly. They can be played any time you would play an Instant, but only once per turn.

FAQs About Using Planeswalker Abilities as Instants

Are Planeswalkers Abilities Spells?

No, they are not spells, they are Planeswalker abilities. The abilities themselves may behave like spells, such as sorceries and instants, but they do not count as such. They are also not able to be countered like normal spells.

What Speed Do Planeswalkers Abilities Have?

Planeswalkers’ abilities vary, and so do their speeds. Many of the abilities take place as quickly as instants. In fact, unless otherwise specified, the ability happens instantly. The difference between real instant spells and Planeswalker abilities is that instants can be played on other people’s turns, while the Planeswalker’s abilities can only be played during your own turn.

Can Planeswalker Abilities be Countered Like Instants?

The abilities of Planeswalkers can not be countered like Instants and sorcery spells can. Most counter spells require target sorcery, instant, or spell to counter. Abilities are not counted as spells, and therefore can not be countered by spells such as Instants.

Final Words

Planeswalker abilities are not actual Instant spells, they are abilities that are activated via loyalty counters. Further, these abilities of Planeswalkers can not be countered or targeted as Instants, or even as spells for that matter.

However, there are some Planeswalker abilities that may be activated at any time, which makes them incredibly similar to Instant spells.

Thanks for reading! We hope your questions are all answered now!