Can Planeswalkers Block or Attack (FULLY EXPLAINED)

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Can Planeswalkers block or attack in MTG, like creatures? Or are they stuck in one position like permanents such as enchantments and lands? Read on below and discover the truth!

Can Planeswalkers Block or Attack

Can Planeswalkers Block or Attack Like Creatures?

Planeswalkers are neither players nor creatures, they are unique cards that belong to their own sub-type. That means they do not block or attack like creatures.

Planeswalkers have powerful abilities that they target players, creatures, and other cards with, they do not need to block or attack.

In some very rare cases, an incredibly powerful and shifty Planeswalker card may be able to transform into a creature-like status. In those cases, and only those cases, may a Planeswalker actually block or attack as a creature.

Magic: the Gathering - Jace Beleren - Magic 2011

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Jace Beleren is a real MTG fan favorite, he was among the first Planeswalkers released. Jace comes in many forms today, this old form has three abilities, and is Mythic Rare. 

The abilities include a target player drawing cards, or all the players drawing cards, as well as one that targets a player and forces them to mill the top 20 cards from their decks straight into their graveyard. 

That said, Jace Beleren may be powerful but he can not attack or block or attack like a creature.

FAQs About Planeswalkers Blocking or Attacking

Can Planeswalkers Defend?

Planeswalkers do not work as defenders. They are not creatures, therefore there is no possibility of using them for blocking/defending. The closest thing to defending with a Planeswalker is most likely using a counter-offensive ability against an attacker.

Do Planeswalkers Attack?

Planeswalkers do not attack as creatures do, though they may deal plenty of damage via abilities. In fact, many Planeswalkers deal far more extreme amounts of damage and destruction than creatures do when they attack.

What Do Planeswalkers Do?

Planeswalkers come into play with several loyalty counters on them. Each turn, one ability may be activated, and loyalty counters created or sacrificed as the card dictates. The abilities Planeswalkers are equipped with trump most abilities in the entire game, none are nearly as diverse and powerful.

Final Thoughts

Planeswalkers are versatile cards, and some of the most favored in the whole MTG universe for how incredibly powerful and unique they are. Unfortunately, however, they are not attackers or blockers in the same sense that creature cards are.

We hope all your questions are now cleared up! Thanks for reading!