Can You Attack Yourself in MTG (EXPLAINED)

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Can You Attack Yourself in MTG

Magic: The Gathering is a game full of strategy and suspense, and sometimes moves from opponents that you’d never anticipate. 

Can you attack yourself in MTG? Read on and find out!

Can You Attack Yourself in MTG?

According to the official rules, you may not attack yourself in MTG. You may only declare attacks on opponents and planeswalkers, period. How your opponent reacts is their choice, but you may never attack yourself.

Can You Attack Your Own Creature in Magic?

In MTG, attacks are declared towards players and planeswalkers only. There is no way to directly declare an attack on a creature, including the creatures both you and your opponents control. You may direct a spell or ability that deals damage directly to a creature, but you may not attack creatures.

Can You Attack with 0 Attack Power MTG?

You may attack opponents with any creature that is under your control (unless it is under some sort of enchantment or ability that keeps it from doing so), even if the creature has 0 attacking strength or 0 toughness.

Can More than One Creature Block One Attacker?

In Magic: The Gather, when an attack is declared on an opponent, the defending player may declare blocking creatures. Standard creatures may only block one creature each. But, defending players may assign as many creatures as they want to block a single attacking creature.