Can You Enchant an Enchantment in MTG? (EXPLAINED)

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Can you enchant an enchantment in MTG? This is a serious question that crosses the minds of new Magic players quite often.

Can You Enchant an Enchantment in MTG

Below, we discuss the answer(s) to this curious question!

How Can You Enchant an Enchantment in MTG?

Enchanting the cards of other players is a great strategy in MTG, even enchanting your own cards is incredibly useful. 

But, what about enchanting already existing enchantments? Just how beneficial a move to make is it? Further, is it even possible to enchant an enchantment? 

Believe it or not, enchanting another enchantment that’s already on the battlefield is perfectly legal and highly beneficial, in most cases. 

In the case that the first and second enchantment grants the same ability, it may not always work out. 

For example, if you try stacking two double strike enchantments to a creature, the creature will not strike four times, as you might plan. Rather, a creature with two Double Strike enchantments only has one active copy of the ability, the other is ignored.

That said, enchanting enchantments isn’t always possible either, sometimes you’re really just enchanting a permanent or creature that already has additional enchantments on it. 

In these cases, the enchantments aren’t typically be enchanted, they are all attached separately, each one individually connected to the card they enchant.

Example Card: Tainted Remedy

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Tainted Remedy is a rare enchantment that enchants the battlefield itself. Whenever an opponent would gain life, they lose the same amount of life points instead.

This enchantment is hard to enchant, because it requires a very special sort of card; an enchantment card that targets either enchantments specifically, or enchants “any card”.  

FAQs About Whether or Not You Can Enchant an Enchantment in MTG

Can You Enchant an Enchantment Directly?

It is more than possible to enchant an enchantment directly, but the enchantment you use must clearly state that it may target another enchantment or enchanted creature. To clarify; each type of enchantment may enchant different sorts of cards. For example, an enchantment that only targets creatures can not, therefore, target and enchant another enchantment.

Can You Enchant a Commander MTG?

So far Wizards of the Coast hasn’t released any enchantment cards that are able to enchant cards in the Command Zone. That, however, is far from saying that there won’t be some new Magic the Gathering enchantment cards released in the future that work in the Command Zone!

Can You Enchant an Enchanted Creature?

For the most part, there are two ways to enchant enchanted creatures; target them as a creature or as an enchantment. All you need is the right enchantment type, which in this case more than have of the known MTG enchantment cards work just fine.

A Final Word

Enchanting an enchantment in MTG isn’t nearly as complicated as it seems. Honesty? You just need the right cards at the right time, that’s all there is to it. 

Just remember, not all enchantments may target other enchantments, so keep an eye on the fine print before you go to revealing your cards and tapping manas for casting costs!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully, we cleared up whatever questions you have!