Does Deathtouch Kill Double Strike? (The REAL Answer)

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In Magic the Gathering, most players enjoy using creature cards with versatile abilities such as Deathtouch or Double Strike. 

That said, the question we’re focusing on in this article is: does deathtouch kill double strike?

Does Deathtouch Kill Double Strike

Read on below for the full and in-depth answer!

Do Deathtouch Creatures Beat Creatures with Double Strike?

Unlike many of our answers in response posts here at the amazing game room, this one isn’t as black and white. 

The answer depends on several other factors, the first of which is whether the creature with Deathtouch is attacking or defending against the card with Double Strike.

In the next two subsections, we examine these scenarios in more detail:

Deathtouch Attacking Double Strike

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When a creature with Deathtouch attacks a creature that has the static ability Double Strike, the Deathtouch ability kills the defender instantly. 

That means the blocker with Double Strike never has the chance to return one set of damage let alone two.

The above Deathtouch creature, Deathgaze Cockatrice, for example, is a 2/2 with Flying and Deathtouch. It’s cost is 4CMC, which is a bit high for a 2/2, even a flyer. But throw in Deathtouch? Four mana is a bargain!

Double Strike Attacking Deathtouch

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Creatures with Double Strike that attack Deathtouch creatures at least have a chance at dealing a fatal blow to the defender. 

However, even if the creature with Double Strike is able to knock the Deathtouch creature out in the first attack, it will never have the chance for its second strike because of the damage it will take at the end of the first attack phase.

Once a creature with Double Strike attacks a creature with Deathtouch, it’s as good as dead. So, the only way it may come out on top is if it has enough attack power to land a lethal hit to the blocker before it automatically deals damage back.

The Embercleave legendary artificat equipment is a mythic rare Flash card with several variables to it. That said, it grants a creature a +1/+1 boost, Trample, and Double Strike.

FAQs About Deathtouch and Double Strike

Which is Better, Deathtouch or Double Strike?

Depending on your playing style, both Deathtouch and Double Strike are awesome abilities. Make no mistake, regardless of which one of these static abilities your creature has, the opponent will quiver when they read the card’s description.

Does Double Strike Go Through Deathtouch?

No, Double Strike unfortunately does not go through Deathtouch. Why not, you ask? Simple: at the end of the first attack phase, the Deathtouch creature deals its deadly blow. There is no living through a Deathouch attack, so the second strike never even occurs.

Does Deathtouch Work With Multiple Blockers?

Technically speaking, a player could indeed use multiple creatures to block an attacking Deathtouch creature. That said, this is the last move that any experienced player would make unless, of course, they wanted to land multiple of their own creature cards in their graveyard for some reason.

Final Thoughts

The short answer is yes, creatures Deathtouch almost always kill the ones with Double Strike. 

However, anyone with even a bit of experience playing Magic the Gathering knows that there are exceptions to and ways around every rule in the game. 

Are there ways for Double Strike to come out on top? Sure there are! You could play Instant spells that prevent your creature from receiving combat damage, enchant your creature with something similar, or employ a number of similar underhanded but effective techniques.