Does Deathtouch Kill First Strike? (EXPLAINED)

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Deathtouch and First Strike are both intriguing and dangerous static abilities. One of these abilities deal death to any creature it touches, and the other always gets the first strike when attacking or defending.

Does Deathtouch Kill First Strike

Read on below to find out what happens when these two abilities come head-to-head.

What Happens When Deathtouch and First Strike Collide?

The Deathtouch ability strikes creatures dead when a single point of combat damage is dealt. But, what happens when a creature with Deathtouch clashes with a creature imbued with First Strike?

In most cases, Deathtouch prevails because regardless of the other creature getting this first hit in, once it receives return damage from a Deathtouch creature it is dead anyhow.

However, if the creature with First Strike has enough attack power, known as strength in MTG, the creature with Deathtouch never gets the chance to strike back and deliver its deadly blow. 

For example, a First Strike creature with attack power and defense of 2/2 kills a 1/1 or even a 2/2 Deathtouch creature. 

These types of battles are the most common scenarios that creatures with Deathtouch lose to those with First Strike.

Another situation that occurs often is that a player may buff their creature with an Instant spell, Sorcery, or Enchantment. In this case, the creature with the highest defense typically comes out on top.

Deathtouch Card: Archetype of Finality

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The Archetype of Finality is an interesting uncommon enchantment creature card. It grants Deathtouch to all the creatures you control. Even more impressive, it prevents your opponents’ creatures from having or gaining Deathtouch. The four colorless and two black mana it costs to cast is more than affordable for such power and card advantage.

First Strike Card: 

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The Archtype of Courage is another uncommon enchantment creature of the same class; it grants the creature you control First Strike. The card also prevents the enemy’s creatures from having or gaining First Strike as well. The casting price is very low for the worth it wields, at just one colorless and two white mana. As far as downsides go, the only one to speak of is the base 2/2 strength and toughness of the Human Soldier.

FAQs About Deathtouch and First Strike

What exactly is Deathtouch?

Deathtouch is a static ability that MTG creatures may have. When another creature in the game receives damage from a Deathtouch creature, it dies instantly whether or not it has dealt damage in return or not.

How does First Strike work?

First Strike is a useful static ability that allows MTG creatures to always have the first blow in combat. If the creature with First Strike has a strong attack and defense than the creature it’s fighting, it kills the other creature before it ever has a chance to hit back.

A Final Word

Both Deathtouch and First Strike are more than worthy abilities for creatures in MTG. Depending on your playing style and card collection, they are equally deadly. 

However, there is no clear answer as to whether or not Deathtouch kills First Strike, or vice-versa. 

The answer depends on several varying factors, including both creature’s attack power, defense power, and if they are affected by boosts from enchantments, spells, or other abilities.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully we cleared up your questions!