Does Deathtouch Kill Hexproof? (EXPLAINED)

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Deathtouch and Hexproof are two powerful abilities, one requiring a target, the other a static ability. 

The real question is does deathtouch kill hexproof creatures or not?

Does Deathtouch Kill Hexproof

Read on below and find out!

Does Deathtouch Kill Hexproof?

Deathtouch is technically a static ability, meaning that it doesn’t need a target or trigger to become activated.

Hexproof on the other hand is an ability that requires a target before it becomes active. 

What does that mean in plain English? Simply put, yes; Deathtouch kills Hexproof creatures because they are not targeted by the ability itself, which means that their Hexproof status is useless.

Any amount of damage dealt by a creature with Deathtouch results in instant death for the blocking creature.

Example of Deathtouch
Magic: the Gathering Gifted Aetherborn (063/184) Aether Revolt

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Gifted Aetherborn is an uncommon Vampire creature with Deathtouch. The card costs two black mana to cast and has a strength and toughness of 2/3. It also has the Lifelink ability, which makes it even more diverse. 

Example of Hexproof

Magic The Gathering - Orbs of Warding (234/272) - Origins

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The rare Artifact, Orbs of Warding, is a classic Hexproof card. In addition to simply granting Hexproof, however, the card also allows you to prevent a single point of damage that would otherwise be dealt to you whenever you receive damage from a creature.

FAQs About Deathtouch and Hexproof

What Can Destroy Hexproof?

To destroy cards with Hexproof abilities, a board wipe is the most straightforward answer. The reason is, Hexproof protects against spells and abilities that target a specific creature or player. Spells that target all creatures, and all players, are extremely effective against Hexproof.

Can Deathtouch Kill a Player?

The Deathtouch ability does not affect players at all, it only impacts creatures. When a creature with Deathtouch merely touches another creature, said creature dies instantly. But, the ability doesn’t count against actual players.

Does Deathtouch Beat Indestructible?

No, creatures imbued with the Deathtouch ability do not beat indestructible creatures. Creatures with Indestructible can not be destroyed from any source of damage, including spells and abilities of any kind.

Final Thoughts

The Deathtouch ability does indeed kill Hexproof because Hexproof only protects against spells and abilities that target things. Deathtouch is a static ability that doesn’t actually target anything. If you want your creatures to have protection from Deathtouch, consider investing in Shroud rather than Hexproof.

Thanks for reading! We hope that we’ve cleared up all of your questions about the Deathtouch and Hexproof abilities!