Does Double Strike Apply When Blocking Creatures? (EXPLAINED)

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Does Double Strike apply when blocking creatures, or just when attacking?

Double Strike is an ability that allows your creatures to attack twice in a row rather than a single time.

Does Double Strike Apply When Blocking Creatures

But, does the ability work the same way when you’re blocking? Keep reading below and explore the full answer!

Does Double Strike Apply When Blocking Attacks?

One of the most helpful benefits of the MTG Double Strike creature card ability is that it applies to both attacking and blocking. 

More or less, any time your Double Strike creature deals combat damage to another creature, the ability kicks in.

That means, yes, your Double Strike creatures get to attack twice even when blocking attacks from hostile creatures.

Example Card: Adorned Pouncer

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Adorned Pouncer is a white Cat creature with Double Strike and Eternalize. This 1/1 has rare status for a reason; it comes back from the graveyard literally four times sronger and tougher, and has Double Strike.

As far as blocking goes, this particular creature wouldn’t be a great choice, because of its low toughness. That said, thanks to its abilities, it could block a 2/2(even though both creatures would die).

Later on, Adorned Pouncer becomes a 4/4 Zombie Cat, which makes a great blocker, especially with Double Strike.

FAQs About Double Strike and Blocking

Does Double Strike Deal Double Damage?

Yes, and no. Double Strike deals the normal amount of damage equal to the creature’s strength. That said, it deals that amount of combat damage twice: once during the first combat phase, and again during the second strike.

How Exactly Does Double Strike Work?

Double Strike is a combat ability that allows a creature to deal combat during the first strike phase of combat and again during the second phase. Typical creatures only deal damage once, during the attacking or blocking phase of combat. Double Strike creatures deal damage two times, once during both stages of combat.

Is MTG Double Strike a Trample Ability?

No, Double Strike is not a Trample ability. In fact, it has no connection to Trample at all. However, a creature may well have a host of abilities all at one time. In that case, a creature may have both Trample and Double Strike abilities.

A Final Word

Double Strike applies any time it is in combat. Regardless of whether your Double Strike creature is blocking an attack, or initiating one, it deals two separate rounds of damage.

Likewise, if you are attacking or blocking against a creature with Double Strike, it gets to deal damage to your creature twice.

Hopefully we’ve cleared up any questions you had about does double strike apply when blocking, thanks for reading!