Does Double Strike Double Attack Triggers? (EXPLAINED)

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Does the Double Strike ability also double attack triggers?

When you attack with a Double Strike creature, you get to attack twice in a row. That much is straightforward about the ability. 

Does Double Strike Double Attack Triggers

Read on below and find out the full and complete truth to this crucial MTG question!

Does Double Strike Double Attack Triggers in MTG?

Double Strike is a powerful albeit specific MTG ability. When your Double Strike creature is declared as an attacker or blocker the ability triggers. It does not trigger twice, no matter how many times it deals damage. 

In other words, only the first attacking or blocking combat damage phase triggers the Double Strike ability.

Likewise, other abilities that are triggered by attacking or blocking are not triggered a second time due to Double Strike.

Once the initial combat damage of the first strike from your Double Strike creature is delivered, there are no additional triggers set off.

Example Card: Akroma, Vision of Ixidor

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This mythic rare legendary Angel creature card is a great example of all that a powerful “Partner” card can bring to the table in Commander games. If your creatures have Double Strike when Akroma, Vision of Ixidor is in play, they gain a +1/+1 during combat(in addition to +1/+1 counters for each other ability they have).


What is the Exception to Double Strike Doubling Triggers?

The exception to Double Strike doubling triggers is when they are combat damage initiated triggers. Attacking and blocking triggers are only set off by the first set of combat damage from Double Strike. However, the triggers that are targeted by combat damage in and of itself are indeed triggered each time.

Why Doesn’t Double Strike Double All Triggers?

Double Strike doesn’t set attack triggers off twice because only the first strike counts as a normal attack phase. The second strike is exactly like the first, but it doesn’t count(other than in terms of dealing combat damage).

How Does Double Strike Work Against Blocks?

When Double Strike creatures get blocked, they still deal two rounds of combat damage. The first set of damage is dealt during the first strike phase. The second set of damage is dealt during the second.

The Bottom Line

Double Strike does not cause attack triggers to spring twice. Unfortunately, on that note, only the first strike phase of Double Stike attacks count as actually declared attacks.

The only effects that may be triggered twice are those that revolve around combat damage because Double Strike does serve two separate rounds of combat damage.

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