Does Double Strike Stack? (Explained)

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Does Double Strike stack? It’s a question that’s been on our mind for awhile now, so we’re taking a look at it in this article.

In MTG, many spells and abilities do something that is referred to as “stacking.” This is when you play the same spell or ability more than once, by whatever means, causing them to stack up on top of each other. The real question is whether or not Double Strike is stackable or not!

Does Double Strike Stack

Read on below and discover the answer!

Does the Double Strike Ability Stack?

Sorry to disappoint, but, unfortunately, Double Strike is not a stackable ability. That means it will never stack, no matter how many instances or keywords your creature has attached or is targeted with.

Your Double Strike creatures will deal the first strike, follow up with a second round of attack damage, and that’s it. You can cast extra Double Strike Instants or Sorceries all you like, but it won’t help.

Double Strike Example Card: Battle Mastery

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Take Battle Mastery for example, it is an Enchantment Aura that grants Double Strike. If you tried stacking it onto a creature that already has Double Strike, it wouldn’t work. You can only have one Double Strike ability active, period. 

FAQs About Double Strike Stacking or Not

Why Doesn’t Double Strike Stack?

The primary reason that Double Strike doesn’t stack is that it is illegal for the effects of any spell to overlap the effects of the same spell being played twice. The next obvious reason it doesn’t stack is that it would simply be way too OP.

Do MTG Spells Stack?

Yes, and no. MTG spells are allowed to overlap, or stack so to speak, generally speaking. However, the exception to this basic rule is that the effects from the same spell may not double up or stack their effect.

What’s the Difference Between “Stacking” spells and the spell “Stack”?

The lingo for any game or sub-culture may be a bit confusing, MTG is no different. The spell stack is the place where cards go when they are being paid for and cast into the game. Stacking, on the other hand, is slang referring to the adding on of additional spells onto existing post-cast spells.

Final Thoughts

Double Strike, unfortunately, just does not allow you to stack it. That said, the ability to attack your opponent twice in a row without paying any additional price or having to untap is a huge card advantage all by itself.

Thanks for reading! We hope that we answered all your Double Strike stacking-related questions.