Does Hexproof Protect Against Abilities? Find Out!

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Hexproof protects your cards from many spells and abilities cast by the opponent. 

But, does it protect against all MTG abilities? 

Does Hexproof Protect Against Abilities

Read on below and explore the complete answer!

Hexproof Vs Abilities

Technically speaking, Hexproof indeed protects against abilities. However, the truth of the matter is, it doesn’t protect against all of them.

In fact, for the most part, the Hexproof ability only really protects against MTG abilities that specifically target your card.

There are, of course, exceptions…

In the following sections, we discuss which abilities Hexproof protects from as well as the ones it doesn’t.

Does Hexproof Protect Against MTG Abilities?

Yes and no; Hexproof protects against abilities that target your creatures or other permanents. It also protects against abilities that target you(the player).

Hexproof does not, however, protect against abilities that don’t have to declare a certain target.

For example, if a player casts Armageddon, a powerful white spell that destroys all lands on the battlefield even lands with Hexproof are sent to the graveyard.

Does Hexproof Work Protect Against Planeswalker Abilities?

When it comes to protecting against the abilities of Planeswalkers, Hexproof works some of the time, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all.

The main factor determining whether or not it protects against these specific abilities is if said Planeswalker abilities include the keyword “target” in their description.

Planeswalker abilities that must include a target are useless against Hexproof cards. 

But, when they don’t require their owner to declare a specific target, Hexproof is helpless to ward it off. 

Does Hexproof Protect Against Creature Abilities

The same rule applies to creature abilities as any other abilities that come up against a Hexproof card. 

If the creature’s ability targets a single card, it doesn’t work. 

But, if it doesn’t target a particular card, Hexproof indeed protects against it.

An Exmple of Hexproof

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The Archetype of Endurance is an uncommon green Boar Enchantment creature with a high casting cost of 8 mana. The creature as a strength of 6, toughness of 5, and, of course, Hexproof. In addition, this particular card is extra useful as it prevents your opponents’ creatures from having or gaining Hexproof.

FAQs About Hexproof vs Abilities

What Does Hexproof Protect Against?

The Hexproof ability protects your card(s) from spells and abilities that opponents use to target your card(s). That’s all there is to it! 

What Doesn’t Hexproof Protect You From?

Hexproof does not protect against colors, players, combat damage, enchantments, artifacts, and/or other spells and abilities that affect cards without making individual targets out of them.

What’s Better Than Hexproof?

Most MTG players consider Shroud better than Hexproof. The two abilities are both static, and otherwise extremely similar in that they protect from spells and abilities controlled by the opponent. Shroud, however, doesn’t just protect against “target” spells and abilities, it protects against them all(even yours!)

A Final Word

Hexproof is one of the most useful abilities in the entire game when it comes to avoiding targeted spells or abilities controlled by opponents, including Planeswalker and creature abilities. 

In other words, if an ability attempts to target your Hexproof card, it is protected. If you aren’t specifically targeted, be it from a spell, creature ability, or the ability of a Planeswalker, you aren’t protected by Hexproof.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully we answered all of your questions about Hexproof and how it protects against MTG abilities(and how it doesn’t)!