Does Hexproof Stop Board Wipes? (Answered)

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Board wipes are classified as any spell or ability that causes all cards of one or more types to be destroyed or removed from the game. 

Does Hexproof Stop Board Wipes

The question is, does the super-potent static ability, Hexproof, stop board wipes? Read on, and explore the full answer, below!

What Are Board Wipes and Does Hexproof Stop Them?

Magic the Gathering is full of interesting spells and abilities, including the sort that is commonly known as “board wipes”. 

These sorts of abilities or spells clear the board of all cards on the battlefield of a specific type.

For example, some board wipes remove all creatures from the game or send them to graveyards. Others destroy all lands or permanents such as enchantments and/or artifacts.

Hexproof, on the other hand, is an ability that protects players, creatures, or other permanents from spells and abilities that target them. 

Pay attention now, because this is where things get a bit confusing if you’re not well-versed in the rules of MTG.

Hexproof does not stop board wipes, because they don’t target a specific card, rather they have an effect on all cards of a singular type.

In other words, Hexproof is entirely useless against cards that wipe the battlefield clear, aka board wipe spells and abilities.

Examples of Board Wipes


Magic: the Gathering - Armageddon - Revised Edition

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Armageddon is one of the oldest and most useful board wipe cards around. The spell costs 3 colorless and 1 white mana to cast and it destroys all lands in play. 

Hexproof does nothing to stand in the way of board wipes like this one. The only down side to Armageddon specifically is that it also destroys your lands, not just lands controlled by opponents.

Planar Cleansing

Magic: the Gathering - Planar Cleansing (26) - Magic 2013

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Another popular board wipe spell is Planar Cleansing. Also a white spell, it costs 3 colorless and 3 white mana to cast. This rare sorcery destroys all nonland permanents.

When you play this card, EVERYTHING except land and creatures is instantly wiped from the board. Artifacts, enchantments, auras, and equipment all go bye-bye.

FAQs About Hexproof Not Stopping Board Wipes

What Does Hexproof Not Protect Against?

Hexproof is an MTG ability that may protect players from the spells or abilities of opponents. But, it only works if they target something specific. Hexproof protects against all spells and abilities that have the keyword “target” in their description, everything else affects Hexproof cards as they do any other cards.

Why Doesn’t Hexproof Stop Board Wipes?

The Hexproof keyword ability only works against things that don’t target them. In the case of board wipes, it doesn’t work because all the cards of one type are affected (but not targeted one by one). Only when the Hexproof cards are a target does protection work.

A Final Word

Board wipes are among the most effective tactics to deal with Hexproof creatures, lands, and other permanents. Because these types of spells and abilities don’t have singular/specific targets, but rather impact all of a certain card type, Hexproof does not stop them.