Does Lifelink Work on Defense? (FULLY EXPLAINED)

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Does Lifelink work on defense? That’s the question we’re exploring in today’s response post.

Lifelink is a powerfully diverse ability that allows you to gain life points when you deal damage to sources the opponent controls. But, how does it work on defense?

Does Lifelink Work on Defense

Read on below and discover the full answer!

Does Lifelink Work on Defense Against Attacks?

Lifelink enables your source of damage to earn you the same amount of life points that you deal in damage to another source, whether on defense or offense.

The magic happens whenever the damage is actually dealt to another source.

It doesn’t matter whether the damage is defensive, offensive, or from another ability, Lifelink damage equals life points.

Example Card: Vampire Cutthroat

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The Vampire Cutthroat is an excellent example of a Lifelink creature that’s hard to block. As a Vampire Rogue, the card ha Skulk, which means it can’t be blocked by creatures that have a greater power than it does.

Further, seeing as the creature’s power is just 1/1, it can’t be blocked except by other 1/1 peons. In the case it is blocked by another 1/1, both creatures die and you still gain 1 life point.

If you attack with this creature, and it goes unblocked, you deal one damage directly to the defending player and gain 1 life point yourself.

FAQs About Lifelink Working on Defense

Does Lifelink Work for Attacking?

Attacking is one of the most straightforward ways to use the Lifelink ability. Unless the opponent destroys your attacker, with an Instant spell or ability, you are going to deal damage to them or their creature. That means you automatically gain the same amount back in life points.

Does Lifelink Trigger on Blocking?

Lifelink doesn’t trigger when blocking, but it does trigger once you move from the blocking phase to returning combat damage to the attacker you are blocking. In other words, once you attack back and deal damage, Lifelink is triggered and you gain life points.

Does Protection Prevent Lifelink?

Protection prevents the spells and abilities of other players and their creatures from affecting themselves or the creatures they control. That means creatures with protection do indeed prevent Lifelink from enabling you to gain life.

A Final Thought

Lifelink works anytime you deal damage to another player or creature, including on defensive moves. The bottom line is that any time your Lifelink creature or spells deal out damage, you’re going to gain the same amount of points back onto your life counter.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully all your questions are cleared up!