Does Lifelink Work With Infect? (FULLY EXPLAINED)

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Does Lifelink work with Infect, or does one cancel the other out? If you’re asking this question, you’re not the first. 

Lifelink creatures have an MTG ability that enables them to extract life points from creatures they deal combat damage to. Infect is a similar ability, but combat damage turns into poison counters rather than life points.

But, how do these abilities work together? Or do they even work together at all?

Does Lifelink Work With Infect

Read on below for the full answer on whether or not/how this ability works with Infect.

Does Lifelink Work With Infect?

Lifelink works with Infect as it does with countless dozens of other abilities. 

Why wouldn’t they work together? They are not the same, and they aren’t stacking; Lifelink and Infect are two separate abilities, and they work together with no qualms.

Lifelink creatures that also have the Infect ability simply gain life points and poison counters when combat damage is dealt to and received by another creature or player.

Example Card: Hand of the Practors

Magic: the Gathering - Hand of The Praetors - Scars of Mirrodin

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Hand of the Praetors is a rare black Zombie creature that costs 3 colorless and 1 black mana to cast. The creature comes into play with 3 strength and 2 toughness, which is mediocre at best. 

What sets this card apart is its abilities; it has Infect, and other creatures you control with affect also gain +1/+1 counters. In addition, whenever you cast a creature spell with Infect, you may choose a player to target with a free poison counter.

Now, imagine if this guy had an enchantment that also granted it lifelink? It would go from a mediocre attacker and blocker with strong abilities to a complete beast. Each time it would attack you would gain 3 life points. That’s as much as 9 life in just 3 short turns!

FAQs About Lifelink and Infect

Does Infect Negate Lifelink?

The answer is a hard “no”. Lifelink is not negated by Infect. The two abilities are separate and do not target or affect each other in any way shape or form. Creatures with both abilities gain life and poison counters from combat damage dealt to other creatures and players.

Is Infect Considered Combat Damage?

Yes and no; yes, Infect is activated by combat damage, and results in the creation of poison counters, and, no, Infect itself is not combat damage, it is simply an ability that uses combat damage as a trigger mechanism.

Does Infect Target Anything MTG?

Infect is a static ability that does not target anything, it is simply activated and when combat damage is dealt poison counters are created. It works the same way as Lifelink in that manner, the ability is not targeting anything, but is passive instead.

Final Words

Lifelink and Infect are great abilities to run together, they work like a charm. With both of these abilities on your creatures, you gain life points and poison counters for every point of combat damage received by the opponent’s creatures.

Thanks for reading! We hope that we cleared up all your questions!