Double Strike vs Blocker: How Does It Play Out?

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The question at hand is what does Double Strike vs Blocker actually look like? What is it that happens when these two clashes?

Double Strike and Blockers go hand in hand if you stop to think about it for a second. If a creature is striking something twice, there’s more than likely a creature blocking it!

Double Strike vs Blocker_ How Does It Play Out_

Read on below and discover the full and in-depth answer to this curious MTG question!

Double Strike vs Blocker

When a creature with Double Strike attacks, the defending player is given a moment to declare whether or not they will assign creatures for blocking the attack.

If the defender declares blockers, these creatures become the direct target of the creature with Double Strike. That means they must block the attacker not just during the initial combat phase, but for an extra combat phase as well.

The good thing is that damage from the first attack doesn’t carry over to the second strike. If the blocker survives the first attack, they also survive the extra combat phase as well.

Likewise, the creature with Double Strike receives the blocking creature’s attack twice as well. Unless the blocker’s attack is powerful enough to kill the attacker, the second combat phase continues.

Example Card: Bonescythe Sliver

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This particular Double Strike card is an interesting one, it grants all of your creatures the ability. Well, almost all of them: it gives all the Slivers you control Double Strike.

Besides it’s ability, Bonesythe Sliver doesn’t look like much, but it could still block most peons and take down a creature twice it’s size if it had to.

FAQs About Double Strike vs Blocker

Is Attacking or Blocking Better with Double Strike?

Mathematically speaking, there is little to no difference between attacking or blocking with Double Strike. Regardless of how combat was initiated, when a creature with Double Strike is in a fight it strikes twice, period.

How Do I Maximize Double Strike Damage?

Double Strike damage is pretty optimized, to begin with. But, if you’d like to max it out, there are ways to do it. One of the best ways to do so is by enchanting your creature or attaching artifacts or equipment to it. Another way is hitting it with Instants that buff its power and defense at the moment of battle. 

Likewise, you can help your Double Strike be more successful against big powerful creatures by targeting those creatures with Instants, Sorceries, Enchantments, or anything else that helps lower their power and toughness during battle.

Is It Worth It to Block Double Strike?

Blocking Double Strike isn’t always worth it, but sometimes it’s necessary. The answer depends on what cards you have in your hand, what you have on the field, how much mana you have, and how many life points you have at the given time of the attack.

Final Thoughts

Double Strike vs Blocker: Double Strike usually comes out on top, but not always. Keep an eye on the opponent when you declare your attack and watch out for last-second Instants that might mess up your plans.

If you are the potential blocker, think about how much damage you can take to your life counter, and how many creatures you have on the field and decide which is the better sacrifice at the time before you declare a blocking creature or not.

Hopefully, we cleared up all of your questions! Thanks for reading!