Double Strike vs Deathtouch: The WHOLE Truth

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There are tons of awesome abilities that MTG creatures may come with, but when two powerful abilities come together, like Double Strike vs Deathtouch for example, things get even more interesting than usual.

Double Strike vs Deathtouch- The WHOLE Truth

Read on below and discover what happens when these two clever abilities bump heads!

Double Strike vs Deathtouch: the Debate

These two MTG abilities are fan favorites, all around. When it comes to clashing with creatures, Double Strike and Deathtouch are among the very best.

Deathtouch is an ability that enables your creature to deliver instant death to any creature it touches. Even a single point of damage is enough to bring down the biggest and toughest creatures in the game. There are no exceptions.

Double Strike on the other hand is equally powerful, yet not a guarantee of death for the creatures you clash with. When Double Strike creatures enter a combat phase, they automatically gain a second strike in addition to the first one.

Which Ability Prevails in Battle?

Which of these two killer MTG creature abilities wins when they go head-to-head on the field? It all depends on how the actual battle is initiated.

If the creature with Double Strike attacks first, and the double combat damage they deal is enough to kill the Deathtouch creature before it can retaliate, then Double Strike wins.

But, if the Deathtouch creature is strong enough to take both sets of combat damage and still return fire, the Double Strike creature dies and the Deatouch abilities prevail.

That said, Deathtouch creatures that attack first, where Double Strike creatures are blocking, also win because their first strike instantly kills the Double Striker and prevents the second attack from occurring.

Example Cards

Magic The Gathering - Archetype of Finality (58/165) - Born of The Gods

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Archetype of Finality is an Uncommon Gorgon, a form of Enchantment creature which is rather powerful. The creatures you already control, and that come into your control, have Deathtouch. 

If that wasn’t cool enough, the card actually stops your opponents’s creatures from having or gaining Deathtouch as well.

Magic The Gathering - Boros Swiftblade - Ravnica

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Boros Swiftblade, is a 1/2 Human Soldier creature card with Double Strike. Aside from the extra toughness point, and of course the Double Strike ability, this red and white card would classify as a peon for sure.

Blocking a Deathtouch attacker? He’s useless. But, attacking one? As long as its toughness is less than 2, he’s the man for the job.

FAQs About Double Strike and Deathtouch

Does One Ability Negate the Other?

Sometimes one ability does indeed negate another, just naturally. In the case of Double Strike vs Deathtouch, however, it is not the case. The only time that one of these abilities cancel out the other is if one creature kills the other before it can hit back(and use its ability). But, even then, it isn’t technically negating it, it is preventing it.

Does Deathtouch Kill Players?

The Deathtouch ability is useful only against other creatures. It does not kill players because players’ life points don’t work the same way as creatures’. When Deathtouch is used against a player, it simply causes a set amount of combat damage, nothing more.

Does Deathtouch Work for Defense?

Any time that Deathtouch is employed in battle, it works. In other worse, yes, Deatthouch works for defense. If a blocking creature has Deathtouch, and it survives the initial attack, when it hits back at the attacker, said creature dies instantly.

Double Strike vs Deathtouch: Final Thoughts 

Double Strike and Deathtouch are both fearful MTG abilities. Our opinion on the whole Double Strike vs Deathtouch debate? Honestly? If we’re talking stand-alone abilities: Deathtouch > Double Strike. 

However, if you factor in the possibility of stacking other abilities on top of base abilities: Double Strike > Deathtouch.

Blam. There you have it. Thanks for reading! If we didn’t clear up that question for you, nothing will!