How Does the MTG Buy-a-Box Promo Work?

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How Does the MTG Buy a Box Promo Work?

Buying an MTG booster pack or box can be a thrilling experience.

You never really know which cards you’re going to get, and there’s always a possibility you could pull something really powerful of expensive.

As an added benefit, you could might get a promo card that could increase in value in time.

In this guide, we’ll be answering the question, how does the MTG Buy-a-Box promo work?

We’ll dig into the following:

  • What the Buy-a-Box promo is
  • A list of the Buy-a-Box promo cards and the sets they came from
  • Whether or not you should consider buying a booster box

What is the Buy-a-Box Promo?

For the average person, buying an entire booster box might not seem worth it initially. They’re obviously more expensive than buying a single booster pack.

And even though you get 36 booster packs in most boxes, you’re not necessarily certain to get the cards that you want the most.

The Buy-a-Box promo was created to help make your purchase of a box worth it. On top of a huge number of booster packs to open, you get a promotional card with the box.

At first, these promo cards were just foil versions of a specific card with new artwork on them. The oldest promo cards also had the mana symbols arranged in a circle behind the text, like Honor of the Pure pictured above.

Currently, promo cards are cards that belong to the set for the box they come with. The crucial difference here is that they now can’t be found in booster packs – you have to get a box to get them.

Buy-a-Box Promo Cards and Their Sets

These Buy-a-Box promo cards have been around since 2009, so there’s understandably quite a few of them.

If you’re interested in looking at them yourself, here’s a list of the promo cards and which sets they came from:

Should you buy a Booster Box?

Even if the Buy-a-Box promo card seems tempting, you might be wondering: should you buy a booster box?

Honestly, the answer can vary. If all you want is a handful of specific cards from a set, then buying them individually will always be the more economical option.

Again, you can’t be absolutely certain you’ll get those cards when you buy a particular set’s booster boxes.

But if you’re a collector, booster boxes make much more sense, especially since nowadays the Buy-a-Box promo cards are initially only available with the boxes.

Likewise, if what you want is to add a bulk of cards to your collection at once or you want to draft, booster boxes are a perfectly reasonable option.

Don’t know which booster boxes to get? We’ve got you covered there.

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