How Many Lands in a 60 Card Deck (EXPLAINED)

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There are numerous MTG formats that require a 60 card deck, including freestyle play, Theme decks, and some standard tournament play. 

But, out of those 60 specific cards, exactly how many of them should be land cards and other types of mana sources?

How Many Lands in a 60 Card Deck

Below, discover the in-depth answer to this common question!

How Many Lands Go in a 60 Card Deck?

Most players opt for approximately 24 lands in their 60 card decks. However, other players choose to add as little as 19 or 20 land cards, or as much as 26, 27, or even 28 of them.

To determine the best number of lands to go in your 60 card deck, you must first examine the core cards, or central theme of the deck if you will. 

Depending on the average casting cost of your cards, as well as the highest mana costs of your best cards, the proper amount of land varies wildly.

What is a 60 Card MTG Deck?

Just as it sounds, a 60 card MTG deck is a Magic the Gathering deck consisting of exactly 60 cards. 

There are several types of MTG decks that require 60 cards, including standard, tournament, brawl, freestyle, and other formats.

The real question is what all goes inside of one?

What Else Goes in 60 Card Decks?

As with most any Magic library, there are numerous card types that belong inside a 60 card deck:

  • Creatures (x10 to x25)
  • Artifacts and Equipment (x5 to x10)
  • Enchantments and Auras (x5 to x10)
  • Other spells (x10 to x20)

All things considered, there are no hard and fast rules as to the exact number of creatures or other spells to include in any sort of deck. 

The same goes for lands and every other card type, which is half of the fun because you never know what to expect from opponents.

FAQS About Lands in 60 Card Decks

Why are there 60 cards in a deck MTG?

The number of cards in many Magic the Gathering decks is exactly 60, and it isn’t by chance. Sixty is the standard number of cards required by most official MTG formats since the game was first released back in the early 1990s. Though, technically, there are actually up to 75 cards total in 60 card decks thanks to a 15-card sideboard.

What is a sideboard in Magic the Gathering?

The “sideboard” is the term used to describe the extra cards you have on the side, ready to switch out with cards currently in your 60 card deck. In other words, the sideboard is like the bench in baseball. You have 15 additional “players” ready for swapping in and out in between games.

Final Word

Sixty cards are by far one of the most frequently played deck sizes in all of Magic the Gathering. The average 60 card deck includes between 20 and 25 lands.

That said, the best number of lands to use in a 60 card deck varies by a 5 to 10 card difference depending on its theme, core cards, and possible strategies.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully, our answers cleared up all your potential questions about how many lands to include in your next 60 card decks!