How Many Lands in a Brawl Deck (EXPLAINED)

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Brawl decks are a cross between Commander decks and standard format MTG decks. That is to say, they include a Commander card, or Planeswalker, as in Commander format, as well as allowing only 1 copy of each card, rather than 4 copies as in Standard. 

Further, a brawl deck includes only 60 cards, like standard decks, rather than the 100 card library Commander decks feature.

How Many Lands in a Brawl Deck

But, how many lands does a brawl deck need? Read on below and explore our in-depth explanation!

How Many Lands Go in a Brawl Deck?

The general rule of thumb that the majority of Magic players and deck builders adhere to is: approximately 40-percent of a deck should be land. There are many exceptions to this rule, however.

For example, if you have dual lands, which count as two mana, or utility lands that have similar abilities, fewer lands may work out in your deck. Likewise, Artifacts, Enchantments, and other spells that produce mana may reduce the number of land cards necessary for your brawl deck to operate smoothly.

In the case that you’re just not sure how many lands to add, throw 4 or 5 extra basic lands into your sideboard. You can always increase or reduce the number of lands in your deck in between games.

What is an MTG Brawl Deck?

Brawl decks are a popular mixture of Commander and standard format which includes the following:

  • A legendary creature or Planeswalker (aka a Commander)
  • Exactly 59 additional cards (including land cards and mana sources)
  • No more than one copy of each card (regardless of status)
  • A sideboard of up to 15 cards (including extra lands, Commanders, and other spells)

Remember, brawl decks only allow one of each card, even if the card is common or uncommon. Most deck formats allow four copies of each card aside from Planeswalkers and Mythic Rare or Legendary cards.

What Other Cards Go in MTG Brawl Decks?

There are several types of cards that may go in a brawl deck:

  • Commander (x1)
  • Creatures (x15 to x25)
  • Other spells (x15 to x25)
  • Enchantments and Auras (x1 to x10)
  • Artifacts and Equipment (x1 to x10)

The estimated number of each card type to use in your brawl deck is not an exact science. That said, the numbers above should not be followed precisely, but rather used as a guide!

FAQS About Lands in Brawl Decks

How much mana is in a 60 card brawl deck?

The short answer to how many lands to include in your 60-card brawl decks is 24. The truth of the matter, however, is that anywhere from 22 to 26 is the safest bet.

How many lands do i add to an 80 card brawl deck?

Most experienced players add no less than 32 cards to their 80 card brawl decks. But, some players do opt for 3 to 4 more or less.

Final Thoughts

The standard brawl deck carries approximately 24 lands. But, many players opt for smaller or larger amounts, as low as 19 basic lands and as high as 28 or 29 lands and mana sources combined. 

So, what number is actually the best? Only you can decide!