How Many MTG Cards Are There? (EXPLAINED)

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How Many MTG Cards Are There?

Since its introduction to the world back in the early 1990s, when the first 2.5 million cards were printed, every production run of new cards sees a few hundred new cards printed tens of thousands of times.

But, just how many MTG cards are there in existence? Read on below to find out!

How Many MTG Cards Are There?

There are approximately 22,500 unique MTG cards currently in existence. The number of individual cards printed reaches well into the hundreds of millions. If you count the different versions cards, including basic lands, there are around 50,000 different MTG cards printed. 

How Many Unique Magic Cards Have Been Printed?

Magic: The Gather has somewhere between 22,500 and 50,000 unique cards depending on how you count. As far as how many have been printed, in total, that number is approaching 500,000,000. 

How Many Magic Cards Are Released Each Year?

Each year, four sets of new Magic: The Gathering cards are released. Every set may contain up to 300 or more new and unique cards. All of the new cards end up printed tens or thousands of times. That means millions of cards are printed annually.

How Many MTG Sets Exist?

MTG is going on three decades old, so far it has 21 main sets, known as core sets. The game also includes nearly 90 expansions. 

How Many Types of MTG Cards Are There?

The game includes six different types of cards, each one as useful as necessary as the next:

  1. Lands
  2. Creatures
  3. Enchantments
  4. Artifacts
  5. Instants
  6. Sorceries