How to Double Sleeve MTG (EXPLAINED)

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How to Double Sleeve MTG

Some Magic: The Gathering players choose to sleeve their cards, others don’t bother. Many players even double sleeve MTG cards.

If you’re interested in learning how to double sleeve, read on below!

How to Double Sleeve MTG?

Double sleeving is done in two steps, inserting the card into an extra thin sleeve (that barely fits over the card), and then inserting both the card and its first sleeve into a second slightly larger and more durable gaming card sleeve.

The entire process od double-sleeving your MTG cards is super easy. But, take care to use two different sized sleeves. Thinner for the inner, stouter for the outer!

Take the Ultra PRO Clear Card Sleeves for example, it is a great sleeve for MTG cards:

Ultra PRO Clear Card Sleeves for Standard Size Trading Cards measuring 2.5

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These clear sleeves work well for both trading cards like MTG and Yugioh as well as baseball cards and more. For double sleeving your MTG cards, these are some of the best choices currently available.

That said, when it comes to MTG, there are fancier options to consider, like these Unstable Forest Card Sleeves for example:

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The sleeves are designed by Wizards of the Coast, for MTG, exclusively. The Unstable Forest design is one of many. Whatever color or theme you prefer, rest assured, there is a proper MTG-themed sleeve for it somewhere on the market!

What Are Gaming Card Sleeves for Cards?

Gaming card sleeves are designed to slip over cards and protect them. Depending on the type of card, and how they are used, the type of sleeves best suited for them varies. With cards like MTG and Yugioh, at least one side of the sleeve needs to be clear. Two single sleeves are used to double sleeve cards that owners want to preserve in near-mint condition.

Why Should You Sleeve MTG Cards?

Sleeving isn’t exactly necessary. That said, if you want to keep your cards in the best shape that you can, for the longest period of time possible (especially if you are actually playing with them), sleeves go a long way in keeping them from getting dinged up and smudged up and generally worn out. 

Further, some cards are worth far more money (and in-game value) than others (like rares, uncommons, and mythics), those particular cards obviously benefit more from sleeves, and double sleeving, than standard cards do.

What Does Double Sleeve Mean in MTG?

Double sleeve is a term for sleeving a card (with a card protection sleeve), and then sleeving the already sleeved card. Basically, double sleeve just means putting a sleeve over a card, and sticking it into another sleeve.

Do MTG Cards Really Need Sleeves?

The answer to this question is one of personal preference or need. Unless you are a pro Magic: The Gathering player, you probably don’t NEED to sleeve the cards. 

That said, if you plan to keep them for years, and use them, or even eventually sell your collection, using sleeves is a no-brainer. At any rate, MTG cards without sleeves end up in far worse shape than those which are sleeves (let alone double-sleeved).

What Types of Sleeves Do Pro Magic Players Use

Pro Magic: The Gathering players use various brands when it comes to their sleeves. The one thing most of them have in common is that the sleeves are typically between 63mm to 64mm by 88mm.