How to Get Wildcards MTG Arena (EXPLAINED)

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How to Get Wildcards MTG Arena

Wildcards are one of the best assets for a diverse and powerful online Magic deck, read on below and discover how to get wildcards in MTG Arena!

How to Get Wildcards MTG Arena?

The best way to get wildcards in Magic Online is to simply open packs. Other beneficial methods for getting wildcards include winning a lot of games and completing as many daily and weekly quests as possible.

What Are Wildcards?

In regards to Magic: The Gathering Online, also known as MTG Arena, wildcards are cards that may be traded for other cards of the same rarity. These cards enable players to customize their decks to the maximum. It is crucial to acquire as many wildcards as possible to build a competitive deck.

Are Wildcards Worth it?

Wildcards are not merely “worth it”, they have massive worth online. They are the only cards that you can trade, in Magic Online, for other cards with the same type of rarity. That means that they are extremely beneficial in customizing and building decks for competitive play.

How Rare Are Wildcards?

Online, MTG wildcards have a 1:30 “Rare” ratio. To be honest, they are rare, but anyone can obtain a decent amount of them. All you really need to do is open a lot of packs and play a lot of games to get your hands on a steady flow of new wildcards.

What is the Best Way to Get Wildcards MTG?

When it comes to how to get wildcards in MTG Arena, just stick with the game for a few weeks, or invest a few dollars on some boosters, and you’ll find all the wildcards you need.

How Many Wildcards Are in a Pack?

There is no minimum or maximum number of wildcards guaranteed in any number of packs. That said, it is generally believed that you should get a new wildcard for at least every 30 to 60 new cards you get. Online, opening around 90 packs should yield at least 30 (or more) wildcards, including common, uncommon, rare, and mythic cards.