How to Import Decks MTG Arena: A Tutorial

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How to Import Decks MTG Arena: A Tutorial

MTG Arena is the online home for Magic: The Gathering players around the world, but to personalize the experience you need to import decks. 

Read on below and learn exactly how to import decks to MTG Arena.

How to Import Decks MTG Arena?

Login to MTG Arena, navigate to “Decks”, click “Import”, paste copied deck code, click “Ok”, and check your new deck. If an error occurred, check your deck code and try again.

1. Log in to MTG Arena

The first step to importing a deck to MTG Arena is logging into your MTG Arena account.

2. Copy Desired Deck Code

Downsize MTG Area and copy the desired deck code into your computers’ “notepad” by left-clicking and highlighting it, and right-clicking and selecting “copy”.

3. Return to MTG Arena / Navigate to Decks Tab

Click on the downsized MTG Arena dashboard to bring it back up and click on the “Decks” tab once it pops back up. 

4. Click “Import”

On the lower-left side of the screen, click on the “Import” button. It will automatically rip your deck code or ask you to paste it.

5. Click “Ok”

After clicking “Import”, you will see an “Ok” button pop up on your screen. Click the “Ok” button. If you get an error message, double-check the deck’s code or retry copying and pasting it.

6. Check Your New Deck

Technically, you’re finished now. But, you’ll surely want to check out your new deck. To do so, have a look at the “Imported Decks” list. 

You may also take the opportunity to give your newly imported deck a proper name! You can edit your deck by clicking on the “Edit Deck” button.

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How Do I Export a Deck from MTG Arena?

  1. Open the “Decks” tab and select desired deck
  2. Click on the “Export” button
  3. Click “Ok” when prompted
  4. Paste the deck code into a word file, name it, and save it