Can a Defender Block Multiple Flying Creatures in MTG?

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Defenders are designated MTG creatures that are made for one thing and one thing only; blocking other creatures. 

But, the real question at hand is whether or not they can block multiple flying creatures or not.

Can a Defender Block Multiple Flying Creatures in MTG

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Can Defenders Block More Than One Flyer?

Defenders are just like any other creature, besides that whole not-allowed-to-attack-other-creatures thing. The main difference between Defenders and your average MTG creatures is that they tend to have a stronger toughness.

That said, a Defender type creature can still only block one creature at a time. However, they may have additional useful abilities.

But, unless said Defender has Reach, or it is otherwise stated on the card, they can’t block flying creatures at all. 

So, no, Defenders can not block more than one flyer.

Example of a Defender Card: Fog Bank

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Fog Bank is an excellent example of a Defender card for blocking flyers. Most Defenders don’t have Reach and aren’t flyers. 

This card, however, does happen to be a flyer and therefore has the ability to block other flying creatures.

Even better, Fog Bank has a nifty ability that makes all the damage it would take in combat go “poof” and disappear instead. That means Fog Bank can block flyers of ANY size and toughness and not die.

FAQs About Defenders Blocking Flyers

Can Defenders Block Flyers?

Yes and no; only Defenders with Reach or Flying can block other flyers. The ability “Defender” does not grant your creature the ability to block a flying creature. It must have another ability or mechanic that allows it to do so.

How Many Flyers Can a Defender Block at Once?

Only one; Defenders are no different than any other creature when it comes down to how many creatures they can block at one time. Flying creatures or otherwise, a Defender class creature may only block one creature per combat phase. The only exception is if the card states otherwise, or the creature has an ability like Hope.

Are Defenders Worth it Against Flying Creatures?

Defenders are great cards to have in any MTG deck. Whether you’re creature heavy, or otherwise, having a few Defenders to handle the heavies your opponent summons to the battlefield is always worth it.

Final Thoughts

Defenders may only block flying creatures if they are themselves flying creatures in addition, or if they have the Reach ability. 

At any rate, unless they have Hope or a similar ability, Defenders are in the same boat as most other creatures; they can only block one Flying attacker.

Hopefully that answers all of your questions. Thanks for reading!