MTG Best Black Flying Creatures – 10 Evil Black Flyers You Need

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MTG Best Black Flying Creatures - 10 Evil Black Flyers You Need

Flying creatures are one of the most appealing card types in MTG, read on below and find out why these 10 are some of MTG’s best black flying creatures.

Top 10 MTG Best Black Flying Creatures

1. Bloodgift Demon

Magic The Gathering - Bloodgift Demon - Commander 2014

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Bloodgift Demon is a rare Demon creature with 5 power and 4 toughness. The card costs 3 colorless and 2 black mana to cast.

Aside from being a flyer, and a big creature in general, at the beginning of your upkeep step, a target player has to draw a card and lose a life point.

Bloodgift Demon helps Mill the enemies deck and chip away at their life.

2. Vampire Nighthawk

Magic: The Gathering - Vampire Nighthawk - Commander 2020

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Vampire Nighthawk is a wildly popular uncommon black flyer of the Vampire Shaman class.

This card has a relatively low mana cost, just 1 colorless and 2 swamps. 

Aside from being a flyer, this Vampire Shaman has flying, Deathtouch, and Lifelink.

Need we say more?

3. Abyssal Persecutor

Magic The Gathering - Abyssal Persecutor - Commander 2014

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Abyssal Persecutor is a mythic rare black 6/6 Demon flyer with flying and Trample. 

The card has a middle-of-the-road mana cost of 2 colorless and 2 swamps.

The coolest thing about this card? When it’s on the board, your enemies can’t win the game!

The catch? You can’t win the game either. But, after you destroy your foes, you can sacrifice the card and take the win for sure.

4. Kokusho, the Evening Star

Magic: the Gathering - Kokusho, The Evening Star - Champions of Kamigawa

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Kokusho, the Evening Star, is a 5/5 Legendary Creature Dragon Spirit of rare class. Its mana cost is sort of high, at 4 colorless and 2 swamps.

Other than being a heavy-hitting flier, this Legendary Dragon Spirit has plenty more to offer.

When the Dragon Spirit, Kokusho, is put into the graveyard, from the battlefield, each opponent loses 5 life points. 

The best part? You gain all of the life points that your enemies lose.

5. Demigod of Revenge

Magic The Gathering - Demigod of Revenge - Modern Masters

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Demigod of Revenge, though technically can be classified as a red or black card, can be a black Spirit Avatar.

This Spirit Avatar is a 5/4 rare card with flying and haste, as well as a really cool ability.

When you cast this card, if there are others with the same name in your graveyard, you may return them to the battlefield (untapped and ready to go).

6. Tombstalker

Magic The Gathering - Tombstalker - Modern Masters

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Tombstalker is another rare 5/5 black flying creature, a Demon more precisely. 

The card has a relatively high casting cost of 6 colorless and 2 black mana, but it is well worth it for the muscle it offers.

Further, Tombstalker has Delve. That means you can reduce its huge casting cost by one for every card you exile from the graveyard before casting it.

7. Will-O-The-Wisp

Magic The Gathering - Will-o39;-The-Wisp - Fourth Edition

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Will-O-The-Wisp is a 0/1 black flyer with regenerate.

The card costs 1 black mana to cast, and THAT is why it is one of the best black flyers.

It’s cheap, effective, and helps out tremendously for blocking.

Even more, for a single mana, you can keep bringing this bad boy back to the field for more carnage.

8. Griselbrand

Magic The Gathering - Griselbrand (001/001) - Unique & Misc. Promos

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Good ol’ Griselbrand is next up on our list of MTG’s best black flying creatures, and could easily hold the number one spot.

A 7/7 mythic rare Legendary Creature Demon, Griselbrand is not a lightweight. He comes with Lifelink as well, so you can gain life when you deal damage.

Even more impressive, if you pay 7 life, you may draw 7 cards at any time you wish to do so.

The only downside is the high 4 colorless and 4 black mana that he costs to cast! 

9. Howling Banshee

Magic The Gathering - Howling Banshee - Magic 2010

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The second to last card on our list of MTG’s best black flying creatures is an uncommon Spirit, the Howling Banshee.

Howling Banshee is a 3/3 flying Spirit with a casting cost of 2 black and 2 colorless mana.

When Howling Banshee comes into play, each player loses 3 life. That’s pretty awesome if you ask us! 

10. Lurking Evil

Magic The Gathering - Lurking Evil - Urza's Saga

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The last card on our list is a doozy. Further, it’s not REALLY a creature card. But, it DOES spawn one.

Lurking Evil is an Enchantment of rare status, it allows you to create 4/4 Horror creatures that fly by paying half your life rounded up.

If you have Lifelink, or other cards that allow you to gain life, this card is amazing for creating a grueling army of 4/4 black flying Horrors to swoop down on your enemies and usher you into a swift victory.

Common Questions About MTG’s Best Black Flying Creatures

What Type of Black Flying Creatures Are in MTG?

The best black flying creatures in MTG include Demons, Vampires, Skeletons, Horrors, Spirits, and more. That said, MTG’s best black flying creatures also include awesome abilities like Deathtouch, Lifelink, and Regenerate.

What is Special About Black Flying Creatures?

The best black flying creatures in MTG are special in that they have high power and toughness and crazy wicked abilities like Regenerate, Lifelink, and Deathtouch. Some of them also have great effects that occur when entering or leaving the battlefield (like causing enemies to lose life points, creatures, permanents, cards, and more.)

How Do You Win At MTG with Black Flyers?

The best way to win at MTG with black flyers is by getting as many as you can out on the field. Further, taking advantage of the powerful abilities of MTG’s best black flying creatures is a sure way to gain an advantage and eventually win the game.