MTG Best Black Ramp Cards – 10 Cards You Need for Your Black Ramp

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MTG Best Black Ramp Cards - 10 Cards You Need for Your Black Ramp

Black Ramp cards in MTG help you fuel more bang for the buck. Read on below to discover which 10 Black Ramp cards deserve to be in your deck!

Top 10 Best Black Ramp Cards

1. Magus of The Coffers

Magic: the Gathering - Magus of The Coffers - Planar Chaos

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Magus of the Coffers is a Rare black Human Wizard that comes into play as a 4/4 creature. The card costs 4 colorless mana and 1 swamp land to cast.

What makes Magus of the Coffers such a great black ramp card is that you can pay 2 colorless mana and tap it to add 1 black mana to your pool of mana for each swamp land you control.

2. Crypt of Agadeem

Magic: the Gathering - Crypt of Agadeem (212) - Zendikar

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The Crypt of Agadeem is an excellent example of a land that is perfect for your black ramp cards collection. Being a land, it has no cost, but must be played during the beginning of your turn.

When Crype of Agadeem enters the battlefield the card is tapped. Afterward, you may tap it to add 1 black mana to your mana pool. You may also pay 2 colorless mana and tap it in order to add 1 black mana to your pool for every black creature in your graveyard.

3. Crypt Ghast

Magic The Gathering - Crypt Ghast (61) - Gatecrash

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Crypt Ghast is a 2/2 black Spirit creature card with a casting cost of 3 colorless mana and 1 swamp land. As a creature, the Crypt Ghast is basic, but it’s abilities make it perfect for a black ramp deck.

Whenever you tap a swamp for mana, Crypt Ghast allows you to add an additional black mana to your pool. In addition, Crypt Ghast as the Extort ability, which enables you to leech life from your opponents when you cast spells.

4. Dark Ritual

Magic The Gathering - Dark Ritual - Fourth Edition

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Dark Ritual is one of those cards that make black ramp decks worth playing. A seemingly simple black instant card, Dark Ritual, for the price of a single black mana, grants 3 black mana to your mana pool for the remainder of your turn.

There are few black cards with such a little mana cost that help ramp up your black mana in such a big way. Sure, it only lasts for one turn, but that one turn may be the one that turns the tide of the battle for the rest of the game.

5. Culling the Weak

Magic: the Gathering - Culling The Weak - Exodus

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Right beside Dark Ritual, Culling the Weak is another of the most iconic black ramp cards in MTG. Likewise, it also shares the same unbelievably low casting cost as Dark Ritual, a single swamp land.

Culling the Weak is an oldschool MTG card that counts as a Mana Source. When it is on the battlefield, you may sacrifice a creature to add 4 black mana to your pool for the rest of the turn.

6. Cabal Coffers

Magic: the Gathering - Cabal Coffers (301) - Modern Horizons 2

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Cabal Coffers is a no-brainer when it comes to the best black ramp cards for your MTG deck. This rare land has no casting cost and allows you to pay 2 colorless mana, tap it, and gain 2 black mana for every swamp that you control.

As you can clearly see, Cabal Coffers is one of the very top black ramp cards. It allows you to DOUBLE your swamps for the turn! How crazy is that?

7. Cabal Ritual

Magic: the Gathering - Cabal Ritual - Torment

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Another great Cabal card for mana ramping black cards is the Cabal Ritual (not to be confused with Cabal Coffer or Dark Ritual). It is a black instant card with a casting cost of 1 colorless mana and 1 swamp land.

When Cabal Ritual is brought into play, you may add 3 black mana to your pool for the turn. If the Threshold ability is activated, add 5 black mana to your pool instead. 

Sick, right? Absolutely.

8. Priest of Gix

Magic The Gathering - Priest of Gix - Urza's Saga

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Priest of Gix is a card found in black ramp decks more than almost any other card in the game (aside from most of the ones on our list, of course!). Once you have a look at this uncommon black card, the reason becomes crystal clear.

When Priest of Gix enters the battlefield, it is a 2/1 creature with Minion status. In addition, you gain 3 black mana for the turn. As the card has a converted mana cost of 3 to begin with, you basically get to play it for free! 

9. Songs of The Damned

Magic The Gathering - Songs of The Damned - Ice Age

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Songs of the Damned is another very old-school type MTG card that still makes one heck of a strong candidate for one of the best black ramp cards ever. Honestly, this is the sort of card that helped create the black ramp style to begin with.

At a single black mana, for casting cost, Songs of the Damned is extra potent. It allows you to add 1 black mana to your pool for the rest of the turn based on the amount of creatures in your graveyard. A couple copies of Songs of the Damned is a perfect addition to any black ramp card collection.

10. Organ Harvest

Magic The Gathering - Organ Harvest - Unglued

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Our last suggestion for best black ramp cards is Organ Harvest is a cheap black sorcery to play in black ramp decks when times get tough, mana-wise, but you have more than enough creatures in play to sacrifice one or two (1/1 zombie, rat, bat, or vampire tokens are perfect for this ability) of them.

Organ harvest costs 1 black mana to cast and allows you to add 2 black mana to your pool for every creature that you and your teammates choose to sacrifice as an additional casting cost. It may only help you out for one hand, but it is still one of the best black ramp cards around.

Common Questions About Black Ramp Cards

What Do Black Ramp Cards in MTG Do?

The purpose of black ramp cards in MTG is to generate extra black mana from spells and abilities that you activate. This goal may be achieved through the use of abilities of creatures, enchantments, artifacts, and special lands that you control. You may also do so via casting instants and sorcery spells.

Are Black Ramp Decks Still Worth It?

Black ramp decks will always be worth it, if you construct and use it properly. They do, however, require a delicate balance of versatile creatures, spells, enchantments, and special lands. Black ramp decks are an excellent way to keep an overwhelming amount of dispensible creatures on the board. They also allow you to constantly bombard the enemy with nasty little surprises that only black cards are capable of.

How Do You Win in MTG With Black Ramp Cards?

You win in MTG with black ramp cards by running the opponent out of life or cards. Losing to a black ramp deck normally consists of having your life drained away rather than running out of cards in your library. However, both do happen.