MTG Best Ramp Cards EDH – Build a Bigger Better Ramp!

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MTG Best Ramp Cards EDH - Build a Bigger Better Ramp!

The best Ramp cards in EDH MTG allow you to seemingly endlessly cast as many cards as you want, regardless of how much mana you have on the battlefield. Read on below and learn why these 10 Ramp cards EDH should be in your library.

Top 10 Best Ramp Cards EDH

1. Cultivate

Magic: The Gathering - Cultivate - Core Set 2021

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Cultivate is a prime example of how one of the best Ramp cards for EDH MTG should look like. It has a relatively low mana cost, especially for an uncommon card, and has a tremendous impact on early to mid-game.

When Cultivate comes into play you get to search your deck for up to two basic lands and put one of them into play, tapped. Stick the other land into your hand and then shuffle your deck. As you can see, this one gets your an extra mana on the board and one loaded for next round. 

2. Explosive Vegetation

Magic The Gathering - Explosive Vegetation (186/264) - Dragons of Tarkir

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Explosive Vegetation could easily be the number one Ramp card for EDH, as far as green cards are concerned (and possibly any color, for that matter!). For a cost of 3 colorless mana and 1 forest, it’s really a no-brianer to put this Ramp card into your deck.

When you play Explosive Vegetation, you get to bring two basic land cards out of your deck, and straight onto the battlefield. Even though both cards are tapped, you’ll start the next round with two extra land, plus the one you play that round (if you have one to play). 

That is truly explosive growth indeed!

3. Chrome Mox

Magic The Gathering - Chrome MOX (219/249) - Eternal Masters

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Chrome Mox is a rare artifact that is a classic Ramp card. The most impressive thing about it may be that not only does it allow you an extra mana each turn, it has a cost of zero mana to bring it into play. It’s free to bring onto the field!

When Chrome Mox comes into play, you may exile a nonartifact from your hand if you wish, but only nonland cards. Also, each turn you can tap Chrome Mox and add one mana of any color you have exiled. If you have a card that lets you bring a permanent back to your hand, you could exile several colors and have your choice of any mana color.

4. Burnished Hart

Magic The Gathering - Burnished Hart (213/249) - Theros

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The uncommon Elk Artifcat Creature, Burnished Hart is another prime Artifact type Ramp card to have in your go-to Ramp EDH deck. At a low cost of just 3 colorless mana, Burnished Hart is well worth the space in your library or sideboard.

When Burnished Hart comes into play, you have a 2/2 Artifacat Creature Elk. You also gain the ability to pay 3 colorless mana at anytime and sacrifice Burnished Hart and bring two basic lands out of your deck and onto the battlefield, tapped. You also get to freshen up your luck by shuffling your deck afterward.

5. Rampant Growth

Magic The Gathering - Rampant Growth (157/249) - Modern Masters 2015

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Rampant Growth is a common card that is just as potent and useful as an uncommon or rare Ramp card. Further, for the super-low casting cost of 1 colorless and 1 forest, it doesn’t get any better.

The Rampant Growth sorcery allows you to search your deck for a basic land card and bring it into play on the battlefield. You do need to shuffle your deck afterward, however, and the land does come into play tapped.

6. Boundless Realms

Magic: the Gathering - Boundless Realms (162) - Magic 2013

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Boundless Realms is an expensive card to cast in the game, but with a Ramp deck, is any card too expensive? A rare sorcery of the green type, Boundless Realms costs 6 colorless mana and 1 forests to bring into play.

This sorcery allows you to search your deck for an equal amount of basic lands as the amount of lands you have on the battlefield. Put those cards onto the battlefield, tapped, and then shuffle your deck before you end your turn.

7. Animist’s Awakening

Magic The Gathering - Animist39;s Awakening (169/272) - Origins

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The Animist’s Awakening costs X colorless mana and 1 forest to cast, being a perfect sorcery card for a Ramp EDH. The card is rare, and when you find out what it does you’ll understand why!

When Animist’s Awakening comes into play you must reveal the top X cards of your deck. How many ever land cards you reveal this way, place that many land cards onto the battlefield tapped. The rest go onto the bottom of your deck after being shuffled.

This card also has Spell Mastery. If there are two or more instants or sorceries in your graveyard, the land you bring into play with this card become untapped.

8. Harrow

Magic The Gathering - Harrow (165) - Zendikar

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Harrow easily deserves a higher place on this list, but then again, every card on this list could be in the top spot. For 2 colorless mana and a single forest, this Instant comes into play and gives you the energy you need to make big moves.

When you play Harrow, you sacrifice one land, and bring two lands out of your deck and onto the battlefield. In essence, Harrow doubles your sacrificed land. What makes it even better is that the two new lands come into play untapped and ready to use.

9. Pristine Talisman

Magic: the Gathering - Pristine Talisman - New Phyrexia

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The Pristine Talisman is the las Artifact card that we consider one of the top 10 best Ramp cards for EDH MTG. And, with a low mana cost of just 3 colorless, you couldn’t ask for more diversity at an affordable pay-to-pay price.

Pristine Talisman has the ability to be tapped at any time to add 1 colorless mana to your pool. The coolest thing about Pristine Talisman? When you tap it for a mana, you also gain 1 life point as well. It’s worth tapping every single turn, whether you need the mana for your Ramp or not!

10.Garruk Wildspeaker

What list is complete without a Planeswalker? In this case, Garruk Wildspeaker is the card. With a mana cost of 2 colorless and 2 forests, this mythic rare Ramp-friendly Planeswalker is worth the casting cost and then some.

Garruk comes out as a 3, with three abilities: pay 1 and untap two target lands, pay minus one and put a 3/3 green Beast creature into play on the battlefield, and pay minus four for creatures you control to get a +3/+3 boost and gain Trample until the end of your turn.

Common Questions About Ramp Cards EDH

What Exactly is Ramp EDH in MTG?

The purpose of an EDH Ramp deck is to provide yourself access to extra mana early on and truly throughout the entire game in order to play every card and ability you can get your hands on. Most Ramp cards in EDH are in green, black, and white, but also exist as artifacts or enchantments.

What is the Best Ramp in MTG?

Depending on your deck, playing style, and the circumstances of each game, it’s rather impossible to designate a single Ramp card as the “best”. That said, common census is that Summer Bloom, Cultivate, Genesis Wave and other similar cards are amount the best EDH Ramp Cards.

How Many Ramp Cards Do I Need for EDH?

To play a strong EDH game, Ramp style, your deck should contain approximately 20 good Ramp cards. Don’t forget to include power attacks, counters, and creatures as well though!