MTG Best White Green Cards – Up Your Game With These 10 Cards

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MTG Best White Green Cards - Up Your Game With These 10 Cards

White and green cards make some of the best MTG decks, period. Read on below and discover which white and green cards your deck is missing!

Top 10 MTG Best White Green Cards

1. Ajani, Mentor of Heros

MTG Magic: The Gathering - Ajani, Mentor of Heroes (145) Journey into Nyx JOU

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Ajani, Mentor of Heros sits at the very top of our list of the 10 best white green cards in MTG. If you’re not familiar with this version of Ajani the Planeswalker, you’re in for a surprise. And, at only 3 colorless, 1 white, and 1 green mana to cast, there’s no excuse not to get him out on the battlefield semi-quick.

When Ajani, Mentor of Heros hits the battlefield, he has four counters. Ajani grants you three Planeswalker abilities: pay +1 counter and distribute 3 +1/+1 counters on one, two, or three creatures, pay +1 counter and look at the top four cards on your deck (if one is a Planeswalker or Aura, keep it) and then put them in the bottom of it in any order, or pay -8 counters and gain 100 life.

Yes, you really read that right; pay -8 counters and Ajani, Mentor of Heros grants you 100 life points! That is why he’s a mythic rare Planeswalker, folks! That’s also why he’s number one on our list.

2. Mirari’s Wake

Magic The Gathering - Mirari39;s Wake (189) - Conspiracy

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At the same exact casting cost as Ajani, Mentor of Heros, Mirari’s Wake is another mythic rare to consider for your white green deck. This one isn’t a Planeswalker though, but an enchantment instead.

With Mirar’s Wake on the field, creatures you control get a boost of +1/+1. In addition, each time you tap a land for mana? You get a second mana of the same color for free! Need we say more? 

3. Dromoka, the Eternal

Magic The Gathering - Dromoka, The Eternal (151/185) - Fate Reforged

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This 5/5 Legendary Dragon is the third card in a row, on our list, with the same exact mana casting cost (3 colorless, 1 white, and 1 green) that’s worth at least thrice the cost. Dromoka, the Eternal is one of our favorite Dragons periods.

When Dromoka, the Eternal comes into play he has flying and Bolster 2. That means whenever a Dragon that you control attacks, you get to put two +1/+1 hit counters on your weakest creature. 

Compared to other cards with abilities on this list, Dromoka might seem tame, but let’s not overlook the greatness of his ability, let alone the fact that he comes out stock 5/5 with flying.

4. Aura Shards

Magic The Gathering - Aura Shards - Invasion

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The second Enchanment on our list is an uncommon one, with a casting cost of 1 colorless, 1 green, and 1 white mana. 

When Aura Shards comes into play, your enemy’s groans will be instant. Every time a creature comes into play under your control, you get to destroy any artifact or enchantment you wish.

5. Gaddock Teeg

Magic: The Gathering - Gaddock Teeg - Ultimate Masters - Rare

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Gaddock Teeg is a much more affordable card, at 1 green and 1 white mana to bring him out onto the field. He is a 2/2 Legendary Kithkin Advisor, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve.

When Gaddock Teeg is in play, noncreature spells that cost 4 or more mana can’t be played. Likewise, noncreature spells with X in their mana cost can’t be played either.

Gaddock is proof that sometimes big things really do come in small packages!

6. Captain Sisay

Magic: the Gathering - Captain Sisay - from The Vault: Legends - Foil

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Another 2/2 Legendary creature, though a Human Soldier, rather than a Kithkin Like Gaddock Teeg, is the beloved mythic rare Captain Sisay. Her casting cost is 2 colorless, 1 green, and 1 white mana.

With Captain Sisay on the board, you gain the ability to tap her and search your deck for a legendary card. If you do, reveal it and put it in your hand as well. Shuffle your deck, and continue pwning the enemy!

7. Ajani, the Greathearted

Ajani, the Greathearted

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What can we say? Ajani really is quite The Man, isn’t he? This version of the Legendary Planeswalker, Ajani, the Greathearted, is equally as impressive as the one sitting on the number one spot on our list. This one’s converted mana cost does happen to be 1 less mana as well.

When Ajani, the Greathearted enters play, he gets 5 counters and all creatures you control have vigilance. You also gain the ability to pat +1 counter and gain 3 life, as well as pay -2 counters and put a +1/+1 counter on all your creatures as well as loyalty counters on Planeswalkers.

8. Privileged Position

Magic The Gathering - Privileged Position - Ravnica - Foil

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Privileged Position is a rare enchantment that isn’t quite as impressive as some cards out there, at first. But, after feeling its benefits on the battlefield, it’ll grow on you real quick. 

To play Priviledged Position, you need 2 colorless and 3 white or green mana. While it is in play? Your permanents can’t be the targets of the spells or abilities of your enemies. 

Yeah. Let that one sink in! 

9. Elderwood Scion

Magic: the Gathering - Elderwood Scion (088/156) - Planechase Anthology

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Elderwood Scion is often on top lists for the best white green cards, and rightly so. This rare Elemental Creature is a 4/4 with Trample and Lifelink, stock!

And, we’re right back to that magical 3 colorless, 1 green, and 1 white mana casting cost that seems to be the prime cost for genuinely decent white green cards.

When Elderwood Scion is on the field, spells that you target it with cost you 2 colorless mana less. Further, spells that your enemies cast that target it also cost 2 additional mana.

All things considered, Elderwood Scion is one of the most affordable of the best heavyweight white green cards out there.

10. Fleecemane Lion

Magic The Gathering - Fleecemane Lion (193/249) - Theros

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The Fleecemane Lion is a 3/3 rare Cat Creature with Monstrosity 1. It costs just 1 green and 1 white mana, which makes it more than worthy of its position on our list of the best white green cards.

Aside from being a decently tough and powerful creature, he is hexproof and indestructible as long as he’s Monstrous. For 3 colorless, 1 green, and 1 white mana, you may put an additional +1/+1 counter on the card and turn it back into Monstrous status if it is somehow lost.

Common Questions About MTG Best White Green Cards

What Are White Green Cards in MTG?

White and green cards in MTG are a mixture of both white cards and green cards. To cast a white green card you need both colors of mana. Likewise, most of their abilities require or center around white and green mana. Healing, spawning tokens, and boosting creatures, are just a few of the main abilities of white green decks. 

Are White Green Cards Worth it?

If you enjoy one or both of these MTG colors, white green cards are absolutely worth it. All of the best healing and protection abilities of white, and the raw strength of green nature-based creatures and spells make white green cards a worthy consideration of any MTG player.

How Do You Win at MTG with White Green Cards?

White and green cards generally center around a few really strong creatures, as well as plenty of smaller creatures with nice abilities and a handful of powerful Instants and Sorcery cards. That means the best way to win is through sheer strength in numbers, with a bit of healing and buffing your creatures along the way.