MTG Card Size and Dimensions: How Big is an MTG Card?

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MTG Card Size and Dimensions

If you play Magic: the Gathering casually with friends or have custom artwork you want to try using in place of a card, you’ve probably looked into making a proxy – an inauthentic, printed version of a card – before. And if making proxies is something you’ve considered, you understand the important of a Magic card’s dimensions.

Even if you never play with proxies, the dimensions of a card are important. You’ll likely want to protect your decks with sleeves, some of which don’t fit as well on your cards as others. Knowing exactly how big a card is will help you choose the right sleeves for it.

That’s why we’ve created this brief guide to MTG card size and dimensions. We’ll discuss exactly how big the average card is here so you can protect your cards to the best of your ability.

MTG Card Size and Dimensions

Sunscorch Regent

To be legal, a Magic: the Gathering card must measure at 2.5 by 3.5 inches. Or, in centimeters, they must measure at 6.35 by 8.89cm.

Your average non-foil card actually kind of has three layers. Two are just normal cardboard layers, and then there’s a third, thin layer of adhesive cementing them together. This is to prevent the cards from being see-through regardless of the lighting they’re in.

Each corner has a rounded shape. The radius of an MTG card’s corner is an eighth of an inch.

Most standard sleeves you can find on the market today will be able to comfortably accommodate cards of this size.

MTG Card Dimensions Questions

Are Magic cards the same size as playing cards?

Your standard playing cards measure at 2.5 by 3.5 inches, as well. This does mean that, in terms of overall dimension, they are the same as a Magic: the Gathering card.

One thing worth noting here, however, is that playing cards have differing weights. A high-quality playing card is likely to weigh a little more than a low-quality one, although we doubt the weight difference would be extremely noticeable.

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How big are oversized Magic cards?

We didn’t touch on this earlier, but we should mention that some Magic cards are bigger than others. Oversized cards, which are often sold with preconstructed Commander decks, are noticeably larger in size.

However, the exact size can vary depending on where you got them. The oversized cards sold with preconstructed Commander decks measure at 3.5 by 5 inches. There are other oversized cards, such as promos and box toppers, that may measure differently. You can find more about the card dimensions of unique and novelty cards in this proxy guide.

How much does 1000 Magic cards weigh?

Ever wondered how much a load of Magic cards would weigh? To find the answer to that, we’ll start by looking at the weight for a single card, which is approximately 1.8 grams.

This means that a bundle of 1,000 Magic cards would weigh a total of 1800 grams. That comes out to just under 4 total pounds.

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What PT are Magic cards?

In case you’ve never heard of it before, PT is an abbreviation of points, a unit of measurement for the thickness of papers. It’s not easy to find a resource for this online, but we did find this graphic demonstrating the various thickness levels of papers. 

If 1,000 pts is one inch or 25.4 mm of thickness, then we have a frame of reference to work with for Magic cards. A non-foil Magic card is around .012 inches or .305 mm thick. That would mean it is approximately 12 pts in thickness.

Wrap Up

There you have it – a brief guide to the dimensions, materials, and overall size of Magic cards. The next time you purchase sleeves or choose to print a proxy, this should give you a better understanding of the total size of your card.

Now it’s time to think about building a deck. If you’re interested in making a Commander deck, read our guide to the MTG Commander deck ratio to learn approximately what the ratio of lands to other card types should be.