Top 7 Best MTG Cards Like Aetherize

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Top 7 Best MTG Cards Like Aetherize

The best MTG cards like Aetherize allow you to send creatures (and other cards) back to their owner’s hand. Read on to find out which 7 MTG cards are the most like Aetherize.

Top 7 Best MTG Cards Like Aetherize

1. Engulf the Shore

Magic The Gathering - Engulf The Shore (58/297) - Shadows Over Innistrad

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Engulf the Shore is a rare blue instant with a casting cost of 3 colorless and 1 blue mana. 

When this card is cast, you may return all creatures with toughness less than or equal to the number of blue mana cards you control.

As you can see, Engulf the Shore is just as powerful and versatile a card as Aetherize itself.

2. Cryptic Command

MTG Magic: The Gathering - Cryptic Command (48) Iconic Masters IMA

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Cryptic Command is the second rare blue instant on our list of the best MTG cards like Aetherize.

The card as an unusual casting cost of 1 colorless and 3 blue mana.

When you cast Cryptic Command, you may choose two out of four options:

  1. Counter target spell
  2. Return a target permanent to someone’s hand
  3. Tap all creatures that belong to your opponents
  4. Draw a card

Cryptic Command has got to be one of our favorite blue spells, period. It’s just too versatile!

3. Gush

Magic The Gathering - Gush - Mercadian Masques

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Gush is a common blue card that allows you to return to islands you control to your hand instead of playing the cost of the card.

The normal casting cost for Gush is 4 colorless and 1 blue mana.

When the card is cast, at any rate, you may draw two cards from the top of your deck.

It isn’t quite Aetherize, or the first two cards on this list of cards like it, but Gush is still a powerful card to pack.

4. Ensnare

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Ensare is an uncommon blue Instant card with a casting cost of 3 colorless and 1 blue mana.

When you cast the card, you must tap all creatures in the game.

In addition, you get to return two of your islands and put them back into your hand instead of paying the regular casting cost for Ensnare, if you prefer.

5. Part the Veil

Magic: the Gathering - Part The Veil - Champions of Kamigawa

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Part the Veil is a power rare blue card of the Arcane Instant class. It has a casting cost of 3 colorless and 1 blue mana.

When Part the Veil comes into play, you may return all creatures you control to your hand all at once.

Needless to say, this card can literally be a gamechanger (especially if someone is casting damage spells that target those creatures!).

6. Command of Unsummoning

Magic The Gathering - Command of Unsummoning - Portal

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Command of Unsummoning is an old-school blue card that could easily be classified as uncommon, though it is technically a common card.

The card has a casting cost of 2 colorless and 1 blue mana.

When the Command of Unsummoning is played, you may return any one or two attacking creatures to the hands of their owners.

Clearly not Aetherize, but surely a solid trick to keep tucked away in your deck.

7. Perplexing Test

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Perplexing Test is the last but far from the least MTG card like Aetherize on our list.

It has a casting cost of 3 colorless and 2 blue mana.

When you cast Perplexing Test, you get to choose one of the following:

  1. Return all creature tokens to their owner’s hands
  2. Return all nontoken creatures to their owner’s hands

Either way you go, the game is changed instantly (in your favor, of course)! 

Common Questions About MTG Cards Like Aetherize

What Does the MTG Card Aetherize Do?

Aetherize is an uncommon blue instant card that costs 3 colorless and 1 blue mana to bring into play. When it is in play, you get to return all attacking creatures to the hand of their owners.

Are MTG Cards Like Aetherize Worth it?

MTG cards like Aetherize are absolutely worth it when you consider that they keep the enemy from keeping creatures on the board, let alone landing blows to you or building their “meat wall” of defensive creatures.

How Do You Win at MTG With Cards Like Aetherize?

There are numerous ways to get the dub in an MTG game, using cards like Aetherize. One of the best options is building up an army, even if only of tokens and peons, while steadily returning creatures to the hands of your opponents round after round. Once you have enough muscle, return their creatures to their hands once more while you attack and crush them.