Top 5 MTG Cards Like Amulet of Vigor

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MTG Cards Like Amulet of Vigor

Amulet of Vigor is a nifty MTG card that allows you to untap permanents over and over. Here are 5 MTG cards like Amulet of Vigor that you should know about.

Top 5 MTG Cards Like Amulet of Vigor

1. Altar of the Brood

Magic The Gathering - Altar of The Brood (216/269) - Khans of Tarkir

Altar of the Brood is a rare artifact card that costs 1 colorless mana to cast. 

Once the Altar of the Brood is on the battlefield, whenever a permanent comes into play under your control, each of your opponents must put the top card of their deck straight into their graveyard.

Clearly, it isn’t a genuine pesudo-Amulet of Vigor, but it is a nice alternatively nonetheless.

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2. Staff of Domination

Staff of Domination

The Staff of Domination is the second card on our list of MTG cards like Amulet of Vigor. It is also the second rare Artifact card on our list. 

The card has a casting cost of 3 colorless mana and is far more than worth the lands it requires.

For 1 mana, untap the Staff. Two mana allows you to gain 1 life point. Three mana allows you to untap a creature. Four mana allows you to tap a target creature. And, five mana allows you to draw a single card.

You must also tap the card for all of its mana-activated abilities, outside of the 1-mana ability to untap the Staff.

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3. Adventuring Gear

Magic The Gathering - Adventuring Gear (195) - Zendikar

The third card up on the list is Adventuring Gear, yet another Artifact card. This time, however, it is a mere common Artifact.

Adventuring Gear costs 1 mana to cast. It comes into play with Landfall, so whenever a land comes into play, that you control, the creature wearing this equipment gains a +2/+2 until the end of the turn.

The card costs 1 colorless mana to equip to a creature, which you can do anytime you’d cast sorcery. It also costs just a single colorless mana to cast onto the battlefield.

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4. Voyager Staff

Magic The Gathering - Voyager Staff - Ravnica

The Voyager Staff is an uncommon artifact, and is fourth on our list of MTG cards like Amulet of Vigor. It has an affordable casting cost of 1 colorless mana.

Once on the board, pay 2 colorless mana and sacrifice this staff in order to remove a creature of your choice from the game. 

The downside? The creature comes back into play after your turn is over. But, still, it is a nice parlor trick for getting rid of a huge creature for one round.

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5. Thousand-Year Elixir

Magic The Gathering - Thousand-Year Elixir (266/356) - Commander 2013

The Thousand-Year Elixir is a rare Artifact with a casting cost of 3 colorless mana. 

For a single colorless mana, once the card is on the board,  tap the card and untap a target creature of your choice.

Also, as long as Thousand-Year Elixir is on the field, you may activate the abilities of your creatures as if the creatures had haste.

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Common Questions About MTG Cards Like Amulet of Vigor

What Does the MTG Card Amulet of Vigor Do?

Amulet of Vigo is a rare Artifact card that allows you to untap permanents that enter the battlefield tapped. It is a rather unique card and is extremely helpful with eliminating summoning sickness. You may also pay one colorless mana at any time and use it to untap a target creature.

How Many MTG Cards Like Amulet of Vigor Are There?

There aren’t many cards that work exactly as Amulet of Vigor. However, there are several cards that do allow you to untap another card that is on the battlefield or undue an ETB condition.

Are Pseudo-Amulet of Vigor Cards Worth It?

If you are playing with a style of cards that tend to come into the battlefield tapped, whether double lands, creatures or otherwise, pseudo-Amulet of Vigor cards are absolutely worth it. That way you may untap them and draw a major advantage for the turn.