6 Best MTG Commander Decks for Sale

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Best MTG Commander Decks for Sale

Building your own Commander deck can be a blast. If you know what you’re doing, you can choose from among most of Magic: the Gathering’s cards, building something that is tailor-made to your playstyle.

On the other hand, building a deck can be stressful if you’re a beginner. Such players don’t know as many cards and strategies off the top of their head.

It is for players like these that Wizards of the Coast regularly produces preconstructed Commander decks. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of what we feel are the best MTG Commander decks for sale, as well as what we like about them.

Additionally, we’ll answer some top questions about premade decks and building Commander decks in general. Let’s get started…

What is a Prebuilt Commander Deck?

A preconstructed Commander deck, also known as a prebuilt one, is exactly what the name implies: an entire deck being sold at once. It includes all the cards you need to start playing right out of the box, like your Commander, lands, and other cards. Most also come with an oversized card that you can use to represent your Commander, if you like.

Some preconstructed decks even include multiple different Commanders to choose from. Draconic Domination, for instance, has multiple legendary dragons for you to head your army with if you find The Ur-Dragon isn’t entirely to your liking.

The benefit of a prebuilt Commander deck is immediately obvious. You’re getting an entire deck at once – no need to puzzle out all the cards in a deck and then purchase them individually. These decks could be a great way to introduce novice players to the format if they’re not comfortable building their own yet.

Generally, you’re also getting all the cards in the deck at a reasonable price. Sometimes, preconstructed decks even sharply increase in value as individual cards in them become increasingly desirable.

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Best MTG Commander Decks for Sale

Draconic Domination

Magic The Gathering MTG Commander 2017 Deck - Draconic Domination

Draconic Domination was an easy addition to this list. It was released for the Commander 2017 series, and quickly grew in popularity because players have always liked dragons as a tribe.

It is a five-color deck helmed by The Ur-Dragon, a dragon who makes it easier to cast typically costly dragon creatures. However, optional secondary dragons include the likes of Ramos, Dragon Engine and O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami.

By itself, it’s already a solid deck. Additionally, thanks to a handful of cards that came with it, it has spiked in value, making it a great collector’s item.


  • Dragons as a tribe are already strong.
  • The deck is packed with cards that are individually valuable, driving up the value of the deck itself.
  • It features fairly simply strategies and mechanics, so it may be beginner-friendly.
  • The Ur-Dragon makes a fantastic tribal Commander.


  • It can be costly and difficult to find these days.
  • Dragons are an expensive tribe mana-wise, and you may need to tinker with the mana base in this deck a bit as a result.

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This was another prebuilt Commander deck that came from the Commander 2017 collection. Like Draconic Domination, Vampiric Bloodlust also enjoys the benefit of having plenty of cards in it that have dramatically increased in value. As a result, this preconstructed deck has held its monetary value extremely well.

Money aside, this is simply a fun, aggressive deck to play. Vampires as a tribe are fun both in terms of flavor and in mechanics.

Edgar Markov also makes a fantastic vampire tribal Commander. He’ll generate vampire tokens for you consistently, then buff all the vampires you have on the battlefield.


  • Extremely fast and aggressive deck.
  • There are individually valuable cards in it, so it has held its value well.
  • Relatively simple strategy makes it a good choice for beginners.
  • Features a pervasive vampire tribal theme, which has always been popular with players.


  • Also like Draconic Domination, this one can be hard to find and expensive.

Heavenly Inferno

Magic the Gathering - Commander Deck - Heavenly Inferno

If you’re drawn to the powerful tribes of dragons, angels, and demons, Heavenly Inferno is the preconstructed deck for you. Its Commander is the well-known Kaalia of the Vast, a card that lets you put a dragon, angel, or demon onto the battlefield for free whenever she attacks.

These days, Kaalia is a somewhat expensive Commander. She’s a wonderful pick for anyone who wants to make an angel, demon, or dragon deck.

There are plenty of valuable cards in the deck to use. You could even dismantle it and put some of those cards into other decks if you wanted to improve it.


  • The Commander alone is an extremely coveted and powerful card for angel, demon, or dragon tribal.
  • The deck offers a few other powerful and valuable cards.
  • Like many of the other decks on this list, it has an easy-to-understand strategy: just attack opponents with large creatures.


  • For a deck that’s supposed to be centered around such powerful tribes, many of the angel, dragon, and demon cards are surprisingly weak. There are many improvements you could make to the deck.
  • It’s hard to find.

Breed Lethality

Magic the Gathering Commander 2016 Deck - Breed Lethality (GWUB)

These days, Atraxa, Praetors’ Voice is probably most famous for commanding another type of deck: superfriends, or a deck filled with planeswalkers. This is because her second ability, proliferate, lets players to add a loyalty counter to each planeswalker at the end of your turn.

Breed Lethality doesn’t focus on that kind of counter, though. Instead, it focuses on adding +1/+1 counters to all your creatures, turning even the smallest one on the battlefield into a towering behemoth.

It’s a fun and easy strategy. It could be another great pick for a beginning Magic player in your circle. Otherwise, there are plenty of solid cards in it and an extremely strong Commander that you can use to make other decks.


  • Has one of the most popular Commanders in the game, Atraxa.
  • Fun strategy that quickly buffs all your creatures.
  • You could easily take it apart and use its individual cards to make other decks.


  • Can sometimes be hard to find.

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We had to put the Commander of this deck, Meren of Clan Nel Toth, on our list of the best MTG green black Commanders. She’s a phenomenal pick for the Commander of any Golgari deck. 

Unlike all the others on this list, Plunder the Graves has a bit more of a complicated strategy. Although you’ll have plenty of creatures to cast, there are a lot of other mechanics to experiment with, like sacrificing creatures and then resurrecting them.

Because of its fascinating mechanics and themes, Plunder the Graves could be a deck to get if you’re a more advanced Magic: the Gathering player.


  • Plunder the Graves has one of the most powerful Golgari Commanders you can get.
  • Fun and complicated interactions that will entertain advanced players.
  • Has a few valuable cards.
  • It’s retained its value quite well.


  • Another rarer deck. It can be difficult to find one for sale these days.
  • Given all the interactions in this one, we don’t know if we would recommend it for new players.

Devour for Power

Magic The Gathering Commander (EDH) Set Devour for Power Green, Blue Black

The Mimeoplasm, Commander of Devour for Power, is an intriguing Commander. You can exile creatures from your graveyard to give The Mimeoplasm their abilities and +1/+1 counters. Play your cards right, and The Mimeoplasm will turn into a horrific, all-powerful monster that your opponents will be scrambling to destroy.

As with Plunder the Graves, Devour for Power features tons of graveyard interaction. You won’t just be feeding creatures from your graveyard into The Mimeoplasm – you’ll be bringing other creatures back from beyond the grave.

This is a good thing, too, since many of the creatures in this deck have devasting effects that are triggered when they enter the battlefield. Bringing them back from the graveyard will trigger these abilities a second time.


  • The Mimeoplasm is a fun Commander that you can feed other creatures into.
  • There’s tons of graveyard recursion in this deck, so you can bring important creatures back.
  • Includes Skullbriar, the Walking Grave which is another great green-black Commander.
  • It’s easy to get enough +1/+1 counters on The Mimeoplasm to deal lethal damage to other players in one attack.


  • This is another deck that will do best in the hands of more experienced players.
  • Can be difficult to find.

Prebuilt Commander Deck Questions

What is the best premade Commander deck?

Picking just one premade Commander deck from our list will be difficult. We picked them all because we think they’re all good!

If we are forced to choose, we’d recommend Draconic Domination, over all the others. It’s probably one of the easiest ones to play on the list and it has also, to date, held its value the best. As far as premade decks go, it’s a great investment, whether you’re planning to keep it sealed, play with it as-is, or use it to build another dragon deck.

If you want to learn more about investing in Magic cards, you can read our brief guide to investing in Magic.

Are Commander decks worth buying?

There are a few compelling reasons to purchase premade Commander decks. The first one is simple: it’s a deck that’s already made for you, so you can start playing Commander the moment you have it. This is why you may want to consider grabbing a precon Commander deck or two if you’re not quite experienced enough to build your own decks.

Another reason people purchase them is for value. Some will buy new Commander decks as they come out, when they are at their most affordable point, and hang on to them for a few years. Usually, these decks only go up in value, making them decent collectibles.

At the end of the day, you’re the only person who decides if it’s worth it to you. We, however, would recommend grabbing a few if you’re a beginning Commander player or if you want to collect.

What makes an EDH deck competitive?

Although Commander was originally intended to be a social format that gives players more time to play together, there are Commander competitions. You might be wondering what makes a particular deck competitive, and if the decks on this list are even remotely close to that level.

A truly competitive Commander deck is a fine-tuned machine that was created with the specific intent of winning as many games as it can. These decks aren’t necessarily created to be fun, easy-to-understand, or even flavorful.

That being said, there isn’t a hard and fast rule for when a deck is “officially” competitive. For instance, there isn’t a particular card you can add that immediately flags your deck as one that’s powerful enough to compete. The deck simply needs to be refined, playing consistently and frequently winning games.

We would take it a step further and say that, more often than not, it isn’t the deck that wins the competition. It’s the player. You can buy all the cards in a world champion deck and play it yourself, and you’ll still lose if you don’t know how to use it.

Competition is a mindset. If you build a solid deck that you know how to use well, we feel that’s the more important part.

Wrap Up

Prebuilt Commander decks are an excellent way to leap into the Commander format if you’re new to the game or even if you’ve never played this specific format before. You are basically just getting an entire deck that you can start playing right out of the box.

We’d also recommend grabbing a few for your collection if you’re the type of person who hunts for valuable cards. Oftentimes, prebuilt Commander decks go up in value as individual cards inside them become more widely used.

If the decks on this list are a little beyond your reach, start by looking at the most recent Commander decks to come out. They are typically quite affordable.