MTG How Many Lands? (EXPLAINED)

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MTG How Many Lands?

If you’re new to magic, you are probably still learning things like how many lands are there, and what each color means.

You may also be wondering things like how many lands do you need in your deck, or how many lands you should keep on your sideboard.

Read on below and explore the answers to all your MTG how many lands type questions!

MTG How Many Lands?

In the popular trading card game, Magic: The Gathering, there are 5 basic types of lands: plains, swamps, islands, forests, and mountains. In addition to basic lands, there are numerous types of special lands, including land cards with two mana types and double single-color mana for the price of one.

Basic lands include:

Plains lands

Magic The Gathering - Plains - Full Art (232) - Zendikar

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A standard white plains land card from the Zendikar set.

Swamp lands

Magic: the Gathering - Snow-Covered Swamp - Coldsnap

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A basic Swamp land card from the Coldsnap series.

Island lands

Magic: The Gathering - Island (251) - Theros Beyond Death

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A standard basic Island land card from the Theros Beyond Death core set.

Forest lands

Forest (254) - Foil

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This gorgeous basic forest land doesn’t look so standard at all in this fancy foil version!

Mountain lands

Magic: The Gathering - Mountain (253) - Theros Beyond Death

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This common mountain land card features one of the later art designs, as you can see its layout also varies from the original mountain cards.

Frequently Asked Questions About “How Many Lands” MTG

How Many Lands Do I Need MTG?

Depending on the mode you are playing, your MTG deck needs 60, 80, or 100 cards (at least). That means your deck needs between approximately 18 cards to 40 cards. The rule of thumb is that you should have around 1 land for every 3 cards. If you are playing with cards that have high casting costs, make sure to add a few extra lands to your deck.

How Many Land Types Are There in MTG?

There are five types of lands in MTG that are considered basic: plains, swamps, forests, mountains, and islands. Plains are white, swamps are black, forests are green, mountains are red, and islands are blue. In addition to basic lands, there are also special lands that come with extra abilities (like adding extra mana or dealing damage).

How Many Basic Lands Should You Have for Commander?

In the MTG game mode known as Commander, players use 100 card decks. If you follow the general rule of thumb, you’d need at least 33 or 35 cards in your Commander deck. Most players add a few more lands for good luck though, stacking their decks with between 38 and 40 land cards.

How Many Lands Should be in an MTG Draft Deck?

Technically speaking, playing MTG by Booster Draft rules, you are allowed to have as many lands as you want. That said, if you want a competitive edge, the best number of land cards to have in your MTG Draft Deck is 18.

How Many Lands Should be in a 60 Card Deck?

Standard 60 card MTG decks typically have been 18 and 25 lands, depending on the type of cards, whether the deck is mono-colored or multi-colored, and other factors. This number is derived by taking the general rule of thumb and throwing in a few extra lands for good measure.

How Many Lands Should be in a 2-Color Deck?

The amount of land that should be in a 2-color MTG deck varies depending on the type of cards you’re using. If they have high mana costs or require both colors, you need at least 40-percent of your deck to be land cards. The only exception is if you use all dual lands. In this case, you can get away with 20 to 30-percent of your deck being land cards.