MTG How to Make a Cube (EXPLAINED)

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MTG How to Make a Cube

If you’re new to Magic: The Gathering, or are shopping for a loved one, you’ve probably heard the term “Cube”, or heard players discussing how to make a cube. Read on and discover exactly what a cube is in MTG, and how to make one!

MTG How to Make a Cube?

A cube is simply made up of large packs of cards. Depending on the purpose of the cube, and how many players are involved, the cube may be made up of 1, 2, 3, or 4 360-card packs. The “cube” is then divided into 15-card “booster” packs for the players.

What is a Cube in MTG?

Simply put, a cube is simply a block of cards. The cubes are used for supporting anywhere from 8, 16, 32, or even more players. Also, the cube is broken down and divided among the participants, each receiving a number of booster packs from the cube’s cards.

Why is it Called a Cube?

The MTG cube got its name from the simple fact that it visibly resembles a cube. The minimum number of cards in a cube is 360, but many cubes hold 720 or even more.

Even more, compared to a standard 60 to 100-card deck? Cube’s indeed are huge blocks of cards (enough for at least 8 players to build decks).

How Many Packs of MTG Cards Are in a Cube?

The packs for cubes contain 360 cards a-piece. That said, a cube may contain between 1 and 4 packs. Also, that means cubes have 360, 720, 1080, or a whopping 1440 individual cards in them.

Are Cubes Worth it in Magic?

Cubes are worth it if you’re playing with literally a crowd of people. The cube concept revolved around competitive drafting involving possibly dozens of Magic players at a time.

So, in the case you are supplying the cards for a Magic event, they are well worth it. If you are a Magic: The Gathering pro player, or a judge, having a cube or two on hand wouldn’t hurt either!

That said, the average player doesn’t need to worry about buying or building a cube.

Are MTG Cubes Hard to Make?

Cubes aren’t really “built” per-say, and aren’t hard to make. Rather, they consist of a number of packs of cards. Each pack includes a massive 360 cards. That means, all you need to do is buy the cube packs, or an equal number of individual booster packs.

How Big is a MTG Cube?

Cubes range from 360 cards up to 1440 cards. The point is that the cube is big enough to provide a full group of players with new cards to draft competitive decks from.

Further, that means each player needs to receive at least 3 boosters of 15 cards each, from the cube.

So, depending on how many players are involved, you can do the math and figure out how big your cube should be.