MTG Why Are Fetchlands Good?

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MTG Why Are Fetchlands Good?

Fetchlands allow you to go and fetch land from your deck or graveyard. But, what makes them so good? Read on below and find out!

MTG Why Are Fetchlands Good?

Fetchlands are great for multiple reasons, the first and foremost being that they allow you to bring extra land into play. Additionally, they allow you to search your graveyard and bring back lands that have been removed from play.

Take Verdant Catacombs for example:

Magic The Gathering - Verdant Catacombs (229) - Zendikar

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This fetchland causes you to pay 1 life and sacrifice it. In exchange? You get to search your deck for a land card and then shuffle it.

Not only does it give you a land, into play, but it gets your cards all shuffled up at the same time.

How Much Are Fetchlands Worth?

Fetch land cards are relatively expensive when it comes to purchasing MTG cards. The card shown above, for example, Verdant Catacombs is a standard Fetchland and it has an approximate price of $40.

Are Fetchlands Worth it In EDH?

They are expensive for a reason, and if you play a lot of EDH, they are absolutely worth it. Not only do they keep your mana pool swollen, they also help you keep your library mixed up. In some cases, they may even allow you to revive a card from the graveyard.

Are Fetchlands Getting Reprinted?

Many Fetch land cards are indeed getting printed, according to Gavin Verhey, senior MTG designer. That said, you can expect to see plenty of Fetchlands in upcoming Eternal and Commander formats.

Are Fetchlands Standard Legal?

Fetch land cards are legal for most MTG game play including Commander, Legacy, Modern, and Cube. And, as long as they do stay legal, they will be seen in many of the best MTG player’s decks. That said, it is uncertain whether or not Fetch land cards will be legal for all Standard MTG tournaments or not.