MTG Why Are Fetchlands So Expensive

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MTG Why Are Fetchlands So Expensive

Fetchlands are a quick way to bring extra land out of your deck and onto the battlefield. Read on below and find out the answer to why fetchlands are so expensive!

Why Are Fetchlands So Expensive?

Fetchlands are more expensive than many MTG card types, including basic and non-basic lands, because of their abilities. Not only do they allow you to bring new land onto the battlefield, but they also allow you to pick up your graveyard, shuffle your library, and more.

Take Bloodstained Mire for example:

Magic The Gathering - Bloodstained Mire (230/269) - Khans of Tarkir

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When Bloodstained Mire is on the battlefield, you can pay 1 colorless mana, tap it, and search your deck for a swamp or mountain land. If you do, you must also shuffle your deck.

This card costs easily 10 times more than a standard mountain or swamp, at well over $50.

What Are All the Fetchlands?

There are exactly 10 Fetchlands in MTG:

  1. Windswept Heath
  2. Flooded Strand
  3. Polluted Delta
  4. Bloodstained Mire
  5. Wooded Foothills
  6. Marsh Flats
  7. Scalding Tarn
  8. Verdant Catacombs
  9. Arid Mesa
  10. Misty Rainforest

It is unknown if there will ever be new Fetchlands created, but some will indeed be reprinted.

How Many Fetchlands Are Being Reprinted?

The five enemy colored Fetchlands are being reprinted for Modern Horizons 2. That includes, Arid Mesa, Marsh Flats, Misty Rainforest, Scalding Tarn, and Verdant Catacombs. All of which will be available with both old-school and modern borders.

Why Are Fetchlands So Good?

Fetchlands are extremely effective because they enable you to bring out an extra land that wasn’t already in your hand. They allow you to bring a specific color of mana that you need, from your deck, or possibly graveyard. They also help you shuffle the cards in your deck. 

When Did Fetchlands First Come Out?

The first fetchlands came out in 1996 with the release of the Mirage expansion. There were originally 5 fetchlands. Over the years, they have become extremely popular and expensive MTG cards.