MTG Why Are Shocklands Good

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MTG Why Are Shocklands Good

If you’ve never heard of shocklands, you’re either new to MTG, or have had your head under a rock for the past 20 years! 

These dual-mana land cards are among the best mana producing cards in MTG, period.

Read on and discover the answer to why shocklands are so good, and related questions and answers.

MTG Why Are Shocklands Good?

Shocklands are considered highly “good” because of their dual-mana ability. Typically, land cards have just one mana to contribute to your mana pool when they are tapped. Some double-lands offer two mana, like shocklands. But, shockland cards can enter play by way of sacrificing 2 life points.

Take the card, Watery Grave, for example:

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Watery Grave is an Island Swamp land. It is a rare black and blue land card, and counts as both types of mana simultaneously. Unlike many double-land card types, which have you choose between one or another mana type.

Shocklands are so good because they carry two mana colors, and allow you to tap the card a single time for use of both types of mana.

What Qualifies a Land Card as a Shockland Card?

Shocklands are double land cards that have an additional price to pay to play. In addition to simply casting this land, you must pay 2 life points. If you avoid paying the life points, the land comes into play already tapped.

How Many Shocklands Are There in MTG?

There are currently exactly 10 shockland cards in MTG. It is unlikely that new shockland cards will be released in the future. But, one may never know what Wizards of the Coast have up their sleeves.

Are Shockland Cards Legal for Use in MTG?

As of the last update to the banned list, all 10 shockland cards are still legal. How long their legal status for sanctioned play continues is mere speculation. However, it is unlikely that they will be reprinted again after 2020.

When Did Shocklands First Come Out?

Shocklands first came out way back in 2005, with the Ravnica series. They have been reprinted off and on for the past 15 years.