Planeswalker vs Counterspell: How Does it Work?

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Planeswalker vs Counterspell; how does it look on the battlefield? Does counterspell work against Planeswalkers, or are they useless?

Planeswalker vs Counterspell_ How Does it Work_

Read on below and find out for yourself!

Planeswalker vs Counterspell: Which Wins?

When a Planeswalker hits the field, everyone quivers in anticipation of what’s coming next. That’s why it makes perfect sense to wonder how a counterspell might fair against a Planeswalker.

The truth is, the only time a counterspell is worth anything, against a Planeswalker particularly, is at the time of casting the Planeswalker.

If you have an Instant spell that counters a target card, or spell of a certain color, you can counter the Planeswalker. Cards countered in such a manner go straight to the graveyard.

Example Card: Counterspell

Magic The Gathering - Counterspell - Tempest

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Counterspell is a classic blue spell known as an Interrupt. Basically, this spell existed before Instants were a thing or it would be considered one.

You can play it any time you want, even during an opponent’s turn.

With this particular counterspell, you may indeed counter an enemy Planeswalker. For just two mana, this card should really have a rarity of rare or mythic rare.

FAQs About Counterspell vs Planeswalker

What Can You Counter with a Counterspell MTG?

Counterspells in MTG are good for countering just about anything. That said, not all counterspells work the same. Some target only creature cards, types of cards, or spells of particular colors, while others target anything.

Can You Put Counters on Planeswalkers?

You can put counters on Planeswalkers, but not all of the counter types are compatible with this card type. For example, loyalty counters and mana counters are just fine, but, +1/+1 counters don’t work because Planeswalkers don’t have toughness or strength.

Is Counterspell Good MTG?

Counterspells are so good in MTG that we once put together a 60 card deck with 18 blue mana and 42 blue counterspells of various types. Sure, we lost, but it took 15 turns for the opponent to get anything into play! 

Final Thoughts

Counterspells are good for countering just about anything, including Planeswalkers. But, only when the time is right.

Once a Planeswalker makes it to the battlefield, there isn’t much counterspells can do. They surely won’t work to counter those powerful abilities!

We hope all your questions are answered! Thanks for reading!