What are the Odds of Pulling a Masterpiece in MTG?

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What are the Odds of Pulling a Masterpiece in MTG?

Collectors of MTG cards all over the world seek to add as many cards as possible to their collection. Even if you’re not a collector, though, you have to admit that some cards are simply better-looking than others.

Masterpieces are an esteemed example of how good a card can look, and oftentimes how powerful a card can be. If you’ve decided to attempt to get them from booster packs, you’re probably curious about what the odds are of pulling a Masterpiece.

In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about pulling Masterpieces, including their odds, where to get them, and what’s so important about them.

Where Can You Get Masterpieces?

Masterpiece cards are scattered throughout six sets at the time of writing this article. That means you have a possibility of pulling Masterpieces from booster packs for any of the following sets:

  • Battle for Zendikar
  • Oath of the Gatewatch
  • Kaladesh
  • Aether Revolt
  • Amonkhet
  • Hour of Devastation

However, purchasing booster packs isn’t the only way to get Masterpieces. The alternative is buying a Masterpiece you want as a single card.

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Why Do Masterpieces Matter?

Why should you want Masterpieces? Well, it depends on the reason you play Magic: the Gathering in the first place.

If you’re a casual player, Masterpieces might not matter to you. Collectors and dedicated players, however, might want Masterpieces simply because they’re rare and beautiful.

In addition, Masterpieces are usually reprints of powerful cards from Magic’s history. While this can’t be said of all of them equally, some Masterpieces are incredibly strong.

What are the Odds of Pulling a Masterpiece in MTG?

Your odds of pulling a Masterpiece depend on which set you’re opening booster packs from.

Let’s start by considering the earliest Masterpieces, Zendikar Expeditions. These are rare land cards that you can find in the Oath of the Gatewatch and Battle for Zendikar sets. Your odds of pulling one are about 1 out of every 432 booster packs from those sets.

The next Masterpiece set is called Kaladesh Inventions, and can be pulled from the Kaladesh and Aether Revolt sets. Your odds of pulling one of these is, fortunately, increased to 1 out of every 144 booster packs.

Finally, there’s Amonkhet Invocations. You can find them in Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation booster packs, and the odds are 1 out of every 129 packs – the best odds yet.

Wrap Up

If you’re searching for a way to add value to your Magic card collection, Masterpieces are a great way to do it. Aside from being usually strong and gorgeous, you can safely anticipate your Masterpiece to retain value over time.

Looking for more information on Masterpieces? We’ve pulled together a list of the most expensive Masterpieces in MTG here.