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What is CEDH MTG?

CEDH MTG is a popular game format, but what actually is it? Read on and find out below!

What is CEDH MTG?

CEDH is the official abbreviation for the Competitive Elder Dragon Highlander MTG format. The CEDH game mode is a fan favorite, to say the least. The format isn’t much different than other modes, just with a focus on the Elder Dragon Highlander cards and playing very competitively in person and online.

Whats the Difference Between CEDH and EDH?

CEDH and EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander) are two peas in a pod. One did exist before the other, sure, but they are both in essence the same exact game, mode, and format. They are both best played with 2-3 players (or more) and share the same turn order (as well as using the same theme decks and Commander cards).

Why is it Called Elder Dragon Highlander?

The Commander format, which has grown incredibly popular recently, finds its origins in the older and beloved formats CEDH and EDH. These modes were based on the iconic Elder Dragon Highlander cards and were more or less a tribute to their awesomeness. Commander has evolved, today, and moved on to involve far more than the old Elder Dragon cards.

How Does MTG CEDH Work?

CEDH works the same way that EDH works, and how Commander works. How is that possible, you may ask? Well, it’s possible because CEDH, EDH, and Commander are basically all versions of the same game. CEDH follows the same format as modern Commander, with the possibility of focusing on the Elder Dragon theme.

Do People Still Play CEDH MTG?

Plenty of MTG fans still play CEDH at their homes. In-person, at Magic shops and live events, Commander is played in place of CEDH. That said, the two are practically one and the same anyway. At any rate, yes, people do still play CEDH, for sure!