Where to Buy MTG Cards

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Where to Buy MTG Cards

Anyone who gets into Magic: the Gathering will find themselves wanting to expand their card collection as much as possible. Decks take large numbers of cards to build, and there are some staples in various formats that you’ll want to own multiple copies of.

If you’re new to the game, though, you might find yourself wondering where to buy MTG cards. In that case, this guide is for you because we’ll be discussing several stores where you can find them and where to check in those stores if they’re brick and mortar.

Let’s get started…

Where to Buy MTG Cards

1. Walmart

Don’t have a bunch of local game stores to choose from? The good news is that you can buy Magic: the Gathering cards from a handful of large national chains, including Walmart. You can usually find duel decks, booster packs, deckbuilder’s toolkits, and sometimes even fun mystery boxes there.

2. Target

Target is another national chain that you can typically find MTG cards at. It’s very similar to Walmart – it often has booster packs, preconstructed decks, and deckbuilder’s toolkits.

3. Barnes and Noble

You can get so much more than just books at a Barnes and Noble. If you’ve got one nearby, be sure to stop in and check their board game section. They’ll also have a small selection of Magic cards nearby. It’s not much, but you can typically find a couple preconstructed Commander decks or duel decks there. They may also sometimes have booster packs.

4. TCGPlayer

The easiest way to get specific Magic cards is to order them online, and one of the best online stores out there for it is TCGPlayer. You can order just about anything MTG-related you can think of through them. Get singles, booster packs, booster boxes, and even preconstructed decks from just about any set throughout Magic’s history – it’s all available there.

5. Card Kingdom

Another popular online store for Magic: the Gathering cards is Card Kingdom. Like TCGplayer, they’re dedicated to card games, so you can find anything related to Magic in their inventory. They even sell card sleeves, playmats, and deck boxes if you’re on the lookout for card storage.

6. CoolStuffInc

You can find more trading card game goods at CoolStuffInc. They have just about everything you could need to expand your Magic collection, including a nice deck builder tool.

7. TrollAndToad

If you’re not finding what you need at any of the aforementioned sites, you can also go to TrollAndToad. In addition to covering most of the major trading card games, they also have supplies for storing and organizing your card collection.

8. Amazon

You can get just about anything at Amazon, so it’s not exactly surprising you can also get MTG cards there. Single cards, booster boxes, booster packs, preconstructed decks, and deckbuilder’s toolkits are all available for sale there. Additionally, you can purchase supplies for storing, transporting, and organizing your cards.

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9. eBay

Looking for a specific and extremely rare card? eBay might be one of your best bets, as many people will take bids for the most valuable cards there. This is a great place to go when you want to see if you can score a good deal in an auction, or when you’re looking for individuals selling bulk cards from their personal collections cheaply.

10. Your Local Game Store

If you’re the type of person who wants to be able to physically examine a card before you purchase it, then one of the best options out there for you will be a local gaming store. Gaming stores will sell a variety of MTG products, including booster boxes, booster packs, preconstructed decks, and singles. They also often have local events, such as Commander nights or tournaments for you to compete in and meet other players.

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11. Garage Sales

By far one of the most interesting ways to acquire more Magic cards is through garage/rummage sales. The only issue here is that you can’t ever guarantee a sale is going to be selling Magic cards, so you may want to contact the seller in advance and ask if you’re able to get a hold of them. Some sales will have people selling bulk cards from private collections in order to make more space. Oftentimes, they are willing to sell you bundles at a greatly reduced price just to get rid of them.

What Aisle are MTG Cards in?

Dropping by a big store like Walmart or Target and wondering where to look? Fortunately, you won’t need to go out of your way to find MTG cards, because they’re usually stationed by the cash registers. You can finish your grocery shopping and swing by the card game section, all without having to take an unnecessary route through the store.

If they’re not near the registers, you can also swing by the toy section. However, most of the time, all playing cards are by the front of the store near the checkout lanes in our experience.

Common Questions about Buying MTG Cards

Where is the best place to buy MTG cards?

The best place for you personally to buy MTG cards depends on what you’re looking for. If you just want bulk cards for a low price without looking for specific cards, then you can check out eBay or garage sales to see if someone is selling from a personal collection. Otherwise, you can sometimes find bulk packages at local game stores that are filled with cheap cards. Just keep in mind that you can’t necessarily expect such bulk packages to have rare or particularly powerful options in them.

On the other hand, if you want to experience the thrill of opening booster packs, you’ll want to order booster boxes online from any of the sites we listed. Of course, gaming stores will also offer you booster packs and boxes, but usually only from the most recent sets.

If you want a specific card, your best bet it is to look online. Online trading card stores like TCGPlayer, Card Kingdom, and CoolStuffInc pull from sellers all over the world, so you’re usually guaranteed to find just about any card you’re looking for.

Finally, if you want something exceedingly rare and collectible, such as a Black Lotus, we’d recommend checking eBay. You might be able to get a better deal there by bidding as opposed to buying the card outright. 

Where can I buy cheap Magic cards?

The cost of Magic cards fluctuates with time as players’ demand grows and wanes for them. Because of this, the prices will vary at any seller in general depending on the current demand.

If by cheap Magic cards, you mean you’re looking for affordable bulk, though, consider looking at garage sales or local gaming stores. Most local gaming stores will offer large boxes containing anywhere from several hundred to a thousand cards for a relatively low price. These cards usually aren’t particularly valuable – hence why they’re bundled in bulk packages – but they’re great for expanding your collection and introducing new players to the game.

There are also bundles like this Star City Games 1000 Assorted MTG Cards one that you can get online if you’re unable to find them locally. 

Why are Magic cards so expensive?

New players or those on a budget have lamented for years that Magic cards are expensive. This is because they are a collectible item. The rarer the card is and the more powerful it is, the more expensive it will be.

If you want to get cards affordably – including rare, valuable ones – your best bet is to buy them as soon as they are printed or shortly after release. This is because the value of cards tends to rise with time, so they’re usually most affordable when they’re new.

Another thing you can do to get good cards inexpensively is to buy preconstructed decks as they are released because they are usually lowest in price when they’re new. Many of these have solid staples in them bundled in with the overall deck for a good price. In fact, if you take quite a few preconstructed decks and add up the values of their cards individually, it’s not uncommon to find that they’re worth more than what you paid for the overall deck.

As an example, some of our favorite blue black Commanders can be found in this generally inexpensive preconstructed Sneak Attack deck.

Wrap Up

Buying new Magic cards can seem confusing when you’re a beginner. You’re not entirely sure where to go and searching online will yield you hundreds of results – not all of which seem trustworthy.

By sticking to the options we suggested, however, you can be sure you’re purchasing cards from reliable sellers. In time, your collection will expand to include a large number of cards for you to build with.