Which MTG Sets Have the Most Dragons? – Top 5 Options

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Which MTG Sets have the Most Dragons?

In just about every fantasy universe, Magic: the Gathering included, dragons are among the most awe-inspiring and powerful creatures.

Unsurprisingly, they’re tremendously popular. That’s why they’ve popped up so many times throughout Magic’s history.

If you’re searching for the sets with the most dragons to add to your collections, you may not know where to start. We’ll help you find which MTG sets have the most dragons.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this guide:

  • Some background on dragons in Magic: the Gathering
  • Which sets have a lot of dragons
  • An honorable mention regarding the dragon-themed Commander deck from 2017

Let’s jump right in.

Dragons in MTG

Dragons have a long and far-reaching history in Magic: the Gathering.

Without going into their extraordinarily lengthy lore, they’ve been appearing on cards from the beginning. It’s no surprise, given that they’re a well-loved element in many other fantasy settings.

In fact, arguably the greatest evil in the Magic universe, Nicol Bolas, is an elder dragon.

As far as card mechanics go, dragons also tend to be strong. In addition to flying, they usually have brutal abilities.

At their peak, dragons make competitive Commanders in the Commander format. The other name for Commander, EDH, actually stands for “Elder Dragon Highlander,” as the format used to require an elder dragon at the head of each deck initially.

You can delve further into the complex lore of dragons in Magic’s multiverse here. 

MTG Sets with the Most Dragons

Dragons have appeared frequently in sets throughout the ages – since Magic first came out in 1993.

That being said, there are a handful of sets which feature a slightly higher number of these scaly creatures.

The MTG sets with some of the highest numbers of dragons are the following:

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that a set with “dragons” in the name has a high concentration of dragons in it. Even the very symbol for the set is a stylized dragon’s head.

At the time it came out, Dragons of Tarkir was even advertised as the ultimate dragon set – even more so than Scourge, which came out a long time before.


  • Loaded with dragons
  • Affordable
  • Lots of multi-color support available
  • Good for drafting


  • If you aren’t interested in dragons, there aren’t as many other options
  • Two-color clans instead of three-color wedges, which makes it different from the rest of its block

Up until the release of Dragons of Tarkir, Fate Reforged actually had the most individual dragon cards in Magic’s history. On top of that, it has a solid amount of multi-color support with its tri-color wedge theme.

It can run a little more expensive than some other options on this list, but prices are subject to change.


  • Three-color wedge cards for tri-color support
  • A lot of dragons to choose from


  • A little more expensive than some of the others on this list
  • The dragons that are in the set aren’t as strong as some other dragons

At the time it came out in 2003, Scourge was the set to get if you liked dragons. Its symbol, like Dragons of Tarkir’s, was a dragon skull.

In addition to a high number of dragon creature cards, it also had a dragon lord in Bladewing, the Risen. Lord cards are especially useful in decks that have a high percentage of a particular creature type, because lords provide some kind of benefit to creatures of a specific type.


  • Big dragon theme means there are several dragons to choose from
  • Abundance of artwork depicting dragons even on the cards that aren’t specifically dragons
  • Included a dragon lord, Bladewing, the Risen


  • On the more expensive end of the spectrum

When you get a Masters set like Iconic Masters, you can expect that most cards you pull will have some usefulness to them. Because the overall power of these sets tend to be higher, they make drafts especially fun.


  • Good for drafting
  • Overall strong set
  • Several powerful dragon cards


  • More expensive than some other options

With Nicol Bolas, an elder dragon, on the booster box, it’s not surprising that M19 would feature several dragon cards of its own. Core sets like this are also terrific for introducing new players to the game.

They usually don’t have far-reaching old mechanics, they’re fairly affordable, and provide a good example for what Magic: the Gathering is like.


  • Designed for use by beginners
  • A few dragon cards to pull
  • Extremely affordable


  • Not as much of a focus on story as some of the other sets
  • Not as many dragons as other options

Honorable Mention

Although it’s not a set exactly, we feel that it’s worth mentioning one of the pre-constructed Commander decks that was released in 2017.

Due to its dragon tribal theme, no list of dragon sets is complete without mentioning this:

In 2017, four pre-built 100-card Commander decks were released. They were each ready-to-play, so you technically didn’t have to do anything to start using them.

One of them was a deck called Draconic Domination, which was, obviously, a dragon-themed deck. Its Commander was The Ur-Dragon, a card that makes it so your dragons cost one less mana to cast.

However, it also came with several other legendary dragons you could potentially use as Commanders: O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami and Ramos, Dragon Engine.

This deck was pretty strong, and it was also easy to tweak it to make it even better. For these reasons, it’s pretty pricey nowadays.

But if your budget isn’t very strict and you’re a collector of dragon cards, you shouldn’t miss out on this deck.

Wrap Up

If you asked us which set we’d recommend over all others when it comes to dragons, we’d personally pick Dragons of Tarkir. It wasn’t called the ultimate dragon set without good reason.

Draconic Domination, the 2017 Commander deck, is also a wise selection. Almost every single creature in it is a dragon, and it’s also one of the few places where you can get The Ur-Dragon card.