Zendikar Expeditions Odds in MTG (How Likely Are You to Get One?)

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Zendikar Expeditions Odds

Collecting Magic: the Gathering cards becomes a passion for a few players. They buy every set that comes out, check local game stores for good deals, and slowly amass an impressive collection of rare printings.

Any dedicated collector has probably heard of Zendikar Expeditions. These cards hold a special place in the hearts of players, because they were the first Masterpieces to ever be printed.

If you’re the kind of person who likes the thrill of opening packs, you might be wondering what the Zendikar Expedition odds are. You’re in the right place for the answer to that question, because we’ll be discussing the odds of pulling one of these gorgeous and rare lands in this post.

What is Zendikar Expeditions?

To explain what Zendikar Expeditions is, we’ll need to step back a bit and define what masterpieces are. Masterpieces are especially rare cards that are interspersed through a handful of sets.

They’re alternate art versions of existing cards. In terms of rarity, they’re above mythic, but below mythic foils. Because of how rare and beautiful they are, they’re highly prized.

Zendikar Expeditions is one set in the Masterpiece series. It was retroactively considered a part of the Masterpiece series after its popularity with fans encouraged Wizards of the Coast to continue the concept in later sets.

Masterpieces are usually tied in with the overall themes of the sets they’re sprinkled throughout. In the case of Zendikar Expeditions, they’re gorgeous lands cards.

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Where Can You Get Zendikar Expedition Cards?

Zendikar Expeditions only appear in two different sets: Battle for Zendikar and Oath of the Gatewatch. This means that you have the small chance of pulling a Zendikar Expeditions land from packs within either of those sets.

Your other alternative is to buy individual Zendikar Expeditions cards directly. Many will tell you that this the most efficient way, because it’s the only way you’re guaranteed to get one.

Zendikar Expeditions Odds

Like with all other Masterpieces, the odds of drawing a Zendikar Expeditions card from a Battle for Zendikar or Oath of the Gatewatch booster pack is really low. They wouldn’t be rare or valuable if you could get them easily, after all.

There are some estimates showing that the odds of pulling one are as low as 0.2%. In other words, only one out of every 432 booster packs contains a Zendikar Expeditions land.

However, the incredibly low odds make it that much more satisfying when you do manage to pull one from a booster pack.

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Wrap Up

If having an expansive MTG collection is important to you, you’ll want to include Zendikar Expeditions in your collection. The cards are not only rare, but they’re beautiful and powerful.

You’ll definitely be drawing against the odds if you choose to try and pull them from a booster pack, but in some ways, that means actually getting one will be that much more thrilling.