20 Foot Shuffleboard Table: 9 Fabulous Tables Worth Every Penny

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Have you been trying to find a 20 foot shuffleboard table that suits your game room? Then you've come to the right place. We've hand-curated 9 options that you're going to absolutely love...

20 foot shuffleboard table

Let's out these twenty foot beauties...

Venture Black River Chicago Shuffleboard Table 20'

Venture 20 Foot Black River Chicago Shuffleboard Table

Some twenty-foot shuffleboard tables look so large that they seem to take up all of the space in a room, but the light color of this table makes it a great option for owners who want their space to appear more open. The smooth and fast playing surface is easy to wax, ensuring that you can enjoy fast games each time you play. This is great for both beginners and advanced players who are looking for more speed during their games.


  • The two-tone wood is attractive and makes this table look visually lighter

  • Five pairs of legs offer plenty of support and prevent the table from wobbling during games, which means that the table will last for a long time


  • Some users have reported that the table is difficult to assemble due to its weight and size

  • There are some reports of the table being too large in a lot of rooms and appearing like it takes up too much space, so owners need to be careful about where they place the table

Venture Classic Shuffleboard Table 20'

Venture Classic 20 Foot Shuffleboard Table

The attractive pedestal legs on this shuffleboard table offer plenty of support and are reinforced and durable so the table doesn’t accidentally shift during games. Additionally, this table features light wood tones and stains, which allows the attractive wood grain to show through and prevents the table from looking too heavy and dark. This makes this table a wonderful choice for use in practically any space. Thanks to the reinforced legs and the strong and durable cabinet, this table is designed to withstand years of use without showing any signs of wear and tear and without the playing surface getting scratched or dented.


  • The gutters are tongue and groove, which means that they are incredibly strong and durable

  • The table ships with weights, wax, silicone spray, and rules so owners can start playing right away


  • There are some reports of the legs being difficult to level without the right tools

  • Some users have reported that the table was wider than they expected and as a result, took up much more space than they originally thought

Venture Ambassador Shuffleboard Table 20'

Ambassador Shuffleboard Table – Gaming Board with Playing Accessories – Gameroom Furniture – Wood Game Table - 20’ & Fusion Maple

While you will have to wait a little longer to get this shuffleboard table delivered to your home because it is custom-made, it’s well worth the wait, thanks to the high-quality components used in its construction and how great the wood looks. Not only is this table highly attractive with its multiple wood tones and grains, but it is also incredibly durable. Thanks to the solid wood playing surface that is 3” thick and the multiple wooden pedestal legs, users never have to worry about the table being damaged or becoming wobbly due to use.


  • The poured lacquer surface is designed to offer fast gameplay without being damaged or the weights slowing down

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty for the playing surface, lacquer surface, hardware, and plywood cabinet


  • There are some reports of the shelves not being deep enough to easily store the game accessories

  • Some users have reported that the table is difficult to level and that the leg levelers are too small to easily use

Champion Capri Shuffleboard Table 20'

Champion Capri Shuffleboard Table

This is a great shuffleboard table not only for use in a home, but also for use in businesses. Business owners love that they can customize not only the wood and staining on the table, they also can add their own logo to the table. This is a great way to brand the table and make it stand out. It ships with a state-of-the-art electronics and scoring system so players never have to argue over who is winning. This ensures that games finish on time, which is great for business owners who are looking for high turnover to keep their customers happy.


  • The playing surface is 3” thick and doesn’t ever require refinishing thanks to the durable polymer finish

  • Multiple customization options ensure that this table perfectly fits the space it’s in


  • There are some reports of the honey-colored wood looking a little bright and out of place in modern homes

  • Some users have reported that the high price tag can be a bit of a turnoff for buyers

Champion Wood Sheffield Shuffleboard Table 20' 

Champion Wood Sheffield Shuffleboard Table

Not only is the playing surface on this shuffleboard table an impressive 3” thick, but it is coated with a great polymer finish that won’t ever need to be refinished. This gives owners peace of mind that their table will look great not only when it is first set up, but also for years in the future. With custom design options as well as great electronics, scoring is easy and the table can perfectly match the décor or the business logo.


  • Thanks to the patented handicap scoring, this table is great for players of different skill levels to enjoy using together

  • The solid playing surface is designed to withstand wear and tear without ever getting scratched or dented


  • Some users have reported that at almost 1000 pounds, this table is incredibly difficult to assemble and almost impossible to move to a new location

  • There are some reports of users being frustrated that the metal construction option isn’t available for the twenty-foot table length

Champion Championship Shuffleboard Table 20'

Champion Championship Shuffleboard Table

Not only does the Canadian Maple playing surface of this shuffleboard table look great, but it is 3” thick, so it is designed to withstand years of gameplay without showing signs of damage. This is an incredibly heavy table, but that makes it great for commercial use, as players won’t be able to rock or jostle the table while they play. Thanks to the customization options, players can easily choose their logo and veneer cabinet material so their table perfectly matches their space and meets their needs.


  • Includes eight weights, shuffleboard table wax, and a table sweep so that new shuffleboard players can start playing right away

  • Features a lifetime polymer finish that is applied on the playing surface to provide a slick and smooth surface without any refinishing being needed in the future


  • There are some reports of the lights not always working as they are supposed to

  • Some users have reported that it takes a long time for the table to be made and delivered, which is frustrating for buyers who are under time constraints

Venture Games Monaco Shuffleboard Table 20'

Venture Games Monaco Table

Not only do the legs on this shuffleboard table look great, but they are made from a solid mahogany, which means that they offer plenty of support and stability. Thanks to the leather that is used in the gutters and to upholster the end rails, this shuffleboard table not only looks great, but also won’t be noisy, even during heated games. The weights slide easily, and the traditional scoring makes it easy for players to see who is in the lead. Because it is custom made, buyers need to expect to wait awhile before the table ships.


  • Can be made with any custom stain or Venture stain, giving users the ability to easily customize their new table

  • The legs are unique to Venture Games and offer plenty of support and stability as well as an interesting design


  • Some users have reported that the high price of the table puts it out of their price range

  • There are some reports of the white oak rails not being stained evenly and having some splotches

Venture Games Classic Coin-Op Shuffleboard Table 20'

Venture Games Classic Coin-Op Shuffleboard Table

This is a classic shuffleboard table that features neutral wood and classic lines, making it ideal for use in most businesses. There are three stains that buyers can choose from, but they also have the choice of picking their own custom stain if they want something a little different for their table. Because this table has a 3” playing surface coated with a hard clear synthetic lacquer, owners never need to worry about their table being damaged, making it great for use in any business and ensuring that it will last for years to come without needing refinishing.


  • Great for businesses who want to offer a shuffleboard table but hope to make some money off the game

  • Lights along the side of the table make it easy for players to see what they are doing and to count their score, which is great for dark locations


  • There are some reports of the electronics being difficult to set up

  • Some users have reported that the small leg levelers can be tricky to use

Venture Games Bennett Shuffleboard Table 20'

Venture Games Bennett Shuffleboard Table

You don’t have to settle for a regular shuffleboard table when you want something that looks a little classier. The durable and hardwood legs on this table ensure that it won’t rock or shift position during play, even though they are a bit smaller than legs on some other tables. With gutters that are tongue-and-grooved for durability, it’s easy to see how this table can last for years without needing any additional work or restoration. The 20” wide playing surface is 3” thick, ensuring smooth weight action during all games. 


  • Attractive turned legs help elevate this table beyond a traditional shuffleboard table

  • Available with four different stain choices so that the table can easily match the décor in any room


  • Some users have reported that the optional scoring unit and lights aren’t as high quality as the rest of the table

  • There are some reports of the table’s climatic adjusters needing regular adjusting for the best possible play