12 Different Types of Volleyball Games – Do You Know All the Variations?

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Did you know that there are a bunch of different types of volleyball games? In this post, we'll go through 12 different ways you can have fun with a net and a volleyball!

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This is a popular type of volleyball and involves the players all getting into the water and playing in a shallow swimming pool.

If the pool is too deep, then it will be difficult for players to be able to play this game.

Players often switch teams after every round to make sure that the games is as fair as possible.

Each round is played to 15 points, although the winning team needs to be ahead by two points to win.

The ball can hit the edge of the pool and bounce back in and still be played. However, if the ball hits the edge of the pool and bounces out of the pool, then it has to be retrieved and the play started over again.


This volleyball game is very popular and similar to traditional volleyball, but it is not played inside on hard courts, rather, it is played outside on sand courts.

These courts may be natural or they may have been created specifically for the purpose of playing this game.

The teams only have two players instead of the traditional six, but most of the rest of the rules are the same when playing this type of volleyball.

When playing with uneven teams and some players who are significantly better than others, however, it is common to stack a team with more players.

Games are generally played to 21 points instead of to the traditional 25, as with indoor volleyball.

Additionally, there is a five second time serve limit for playing.


This game for two teams originated in Spain and combines elements not only of volleyball, but also gymnastics, soccer, and music.

The game is played on a court that is inflatable and features a trampoline on either side of the net, which allows players to bounce very high during the game to try to spike the ball across the net to score points.

There are two teams competing at once, and each team has four players. The object of the game is the same as in traditional volleyball – to ground the ball on the other side of the net, in the opponent’s field.

It’s easy to adjust the height of the net depending on age and skill level of players, and there are limits to how many times players can touch the ball before returning it to their opponents.


Invented by Joel T. Boone to keep President Hoover fit and in shape, Hooverball is played on a volleyball court made from sand or grass and involves players throwing a medicine ball up and over the net.

The ball weighs around six pounds and is caught by the other team and then thrown back, which can make this an incredibly demanding sport.

Players have a lot of rules to follow, but generally have the option of making their own rules in house depending on their play style and the age and skill of the players.

Points are scored similar to tennis even though it is played on a volleyball court.

There are many types of throws that players can use, as well as different strategies to employ.


This type of volleyball is a cross between volleyball and juggling and is played on a badminton court.

There are either two or three players on each team, and each player is in charge of two juggling balls. There is also a server who throws a final ball to the opponents, who must catch the ball by performing a three-ball juggling pattern.

Players can catch the ball three times on their side of the court before they must return it to their opponents or they must pass it to another player on their side.

Just as in volleyball, each team can only pass the ball amongst themselves three times before they must return it to the other side of the court.

Teams score when the ball touches the ground on their opponent’s side.


Also known as “nuke ‘em,” newcomb is a simplified form of volleyball that is a great way to teach the basics of the game to younger children. It is also ideal for adults to play if they have limited athletic ability.

The main difference between volleyball and newcomb is that this game allows players to catch the ball before they pass it over the net or to their teammates.

Additionally, there are common variations on how many catches per side players are allowed to make, as well as how many members are on each team.

Players holding the ball are also often allowed to take a few steps while in possession of the ball, which helps them to line up their shot and get closer to the person that they are trying to pass the ball to.


This game is also sometimes known as “rebound volleyball” and is an incredibly fast-paced sport that is a mixture of volleyball and racquetball.

Wallyball can be played with between two and four players on each team.

The game is played in a racquetball court, which allows players to hit the ball off of the wall when playing the game.

Speed scoring is used, which is a modified form of the traditional rally scoring.

There is a lot of strategy in wallyball that is similar to volleyball, which makes this a great game for players who are familiar with traditional volleyball to try to play.

The ball is the same size as a regular volleyball and weighs 9 to 10 ounces.

Nine Man

This type of volleyball game uses a larger court than the traditional game and has nine players.

It originated in Asia and is often played in South Korea and China, although it is growing in popularity in the United States, as well.

There are some major rule differences between this version of volleyball and the main game that most people are familiar with.

Players never rotate when playing Nine Man volleyball, which means that the front players aren’t ever required to serve.

Additionally, players may not jump serve, however, they may briefly carry the ball if they are making a spiking motion.

Additionally, players aren’t allowed to penetrate the net’s plane when blocking and the net is a bit lower than the net in traditional volleyball.


This version of volleyball was originally introduced by the Dutch Sports Committee in 1956 for locomotor-disabled individuals to play.

It is played on a smaller court and has a lower net, the height of which is dependent on if the game is played by men or by women.

Players are allowed to lift slightly off of the ground when attacking or hitting the ball, but must keep either an extension of the torso or one buttock touching the floor at all times.

The game was originally played by people who had polio and amputees, but is also commonly enjoyed by players who have ankle or knee problems.

The game is very quick and requires players to have great balance and to be able to respond quickly with their hands to hit the ball.


This type of volleyball has teams with seven players. There are three in the back, three in the center, and one player in the front of the net.

Balls that go into the net are out by the player in the front.

Some players try to smash the ball with high jumps, but instead of only using one hand, they are allowed to punch it with both hands.

Players try to use as much force as possible to try to trick their opponents into make a mistake during the game.

There are some versions of shooting volleyball where the game is stopped when a player makes a particularly great hit so that they can be rewarded by the spectators.


This game is played on a volleyball court and also uses a volleyball, but involves between three and eight players.

The players throw the ball across the net to their opponents, who must catch it and can then take up to three steps before throwing the ball back over the net.

This type of play continues until the ball is dropped, then the team who threw the ball is given a point.

Players rotate around the court after winning the ball just like they do in traditional volleyball games.

The game is played to 15 points, at which time the teams switch sides of the field and the second half of the game is played. A third set can be played if each team one won of the first games.


This type of volleyball games is played with a very large and soft rubber volleyball, which is specifically designed to decrease the impact that players feel when it strikes them on the arms.

This is a great game that is often used to introduce volleyball to younger children who haven’t ever played before.

The main focus of this game is to learn the fundamentals of the game and how to control the ball.

There are generally just four players on each team during this game.

Players play by the same rules as they do when playing traditional volleyball, but since the ball is softer and there are few players on each team, there generally aren’t many injuries and the game tends to be much slower-paced.